Hello Kitty Island Adventure: How To Invite Chiffon

Here is a guide that will help you invite the Cinnamoangels idol Chiffon in Hello Kitty Island Adventure.

Hello Kitty Island Adventure has a Visitor Cabin that helps you invite friends like Chiffon into the game. They visit you for a brief amount of time and help you with gifts and complete missions. Apart from her, you can also invite other friends like Dear Daniel, Mimmy, and Azuki. But before you invite her you have to complete the following things.

How to Invite Chiffon in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

invite chiffon in hello kitty island adventure

You have to repair the Visitor Cabin and decorate it with Chiffon’s favorite items to invite her in Hello Kitty Island Adventure. You can also refer to this article on how to repair Visitor’s Cabin and how to Invite friends before we proceed.

Remember that there are many such cabins and broken homes around the island that are in need of repair. You can repair them and invite Chiffon to stay in any of the Cabins. The first Visitor’s Cabin is where you can invite Dear Daniel. However, here are the following things you need to decorate Chiffon’s Cabin with in order to invite her –

  • Coastal Decorative Plant.
  • Spooky Lounge Sofa.
  • Rustic Bookcase.
  • Pirate Chest Dresser.

Once you have decorated and repaired any cabin with these items, it is good to go for Chiffon. The game will automatically make her appear once that is done. Furthermore, let’s look at what you require for other Sario friends to visit the island.

  • Dear Daniel
    • Seaside Resort Visitor Cabin.
    • Any furniture.
  • Mimmy
    • Seaside Resort Visitor Cabin.
    • 5 Hello Kitty Furniture.
    • 2 Bread-related foods.
  • Cappuccino
    • Any Visitor Cabin
    • 2 Bread-related foods.
    • 2 Tea or Coffee related foods.
    • 2 Pizza-related foods.
    • 2 Soda-related foods.
  • Azuki
    • Any Visitor Cabin
    • All Rustic-Themed Furniture.

This was all about how to invite Chiffon to the island. If you found this article helpful, you can also check out how to solve Red Hot Ruins and how to solve Thermal Throwdown Puzzle in Hello Kitty Island Adventure.