Little Alchemy 2 Night Recipe Guide

Want to create Night in Little Alchemy 2? These steps will help you craft it.

Once you have crafted Night in Little Alchemy 2, you can combine it with a plethora of other elements to get animals and more. Some of the many things you can make with it are Jack-o’-lantern, Owl, Ghost, Carbon Dioxide, and Twilight. Additionally, there are multiple ways to reach the outcome, which have been given after the step-by-step recipe. While most recipes use Time as the main ingredient, here we have focused on the one that doesn’t. However, if you have unlocked Time, you can use the alternatives.

How to Create Night in Little Alchemy 2

Create Night in Little Alchemy 2
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To get the Night without using Time, you must combine the Sky with the Moon. Here are detailed steps for that:
  1. First, combine two elements of Earth for Land.
    • Earth + Earth → Land
  2. Now, put together two Land units to craft the Continent.
    • Land + Land → Continent
  3. Combining two pieces of Continent will give Planet.
    • Continent + Continent→ Planet
  4. Put Fire to the Planet for the Sun.
    • Planet + Fire → Sun
  5. Mix Air and Planet for Atmosphere
    • Air + Planet → Atmosphere
  6. Add the Sun into the Atmosphere to create Sky
    • Sun + Atmosphere → Sky
  7. Mix two pieces of Air to craft Pressure.
    • Air + Air → Pressure
  8. Put Earth on Pressure for Stone.
    • Earth + Pressure → Stone
  9. Drag Planet on Stone for Moon.
    • Stone + Planet → Moon
  10. Take the Moon and mix it with the Sky to make Night.
    • Sky + Moon → Night
Alternatively, if you have unlocked Time, you can mix these for the Night:
  • Time + Moon → Night
  • Time + Day → Night
  • Time + Twilight → Night

Things to Make With Night in Little Alchemy 2

Things to Make With Night in Little Alchemy 2
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These are all things you can create with the Night:
  • Plant + Night → Carbon Dioxide
  • Animal + Night → Cat
  • Sky + Night → Darkness and Star
  • Day + Night → Dawn and Twilight
  • Grave + Night → Ghost
  • Pumpkin + Night → Jack-o’-lantern
  • Meteoroid + Night → Meteor
  • Planet + Night → Moon
  • Butterfly + Night → Moth
  • Bird + Night → Owl
  • Solar System + Night → Space
This is all you need to know and do to craft Night in Little Alchemy 2. If you are looking for more useful recipes, check these out: