How To Make Time In Little Alchemy 2

Do you have Time in Little Alchemy 2? Yes! Time is an item in Little Alchemy 2. Read further to know more.

If you didn’t know that Time existed in Little Alchemy 2, now you do. Time is actually a dimension in the game. Once you unlock Time, you will be able to discover many more items in the game. This article will teach you how to make time in this game.

How to Make Time in Little Alchemy 2?

time little alchemy 2

Basically, you don’t make Time,you unlock it. There is one thing you need to do to unlock it. You have to make and discover at least 100 items in order to acquire Time in Little Alchemy 2.

Now that you know about Time and how to obtain it, read further to know what happens when you add a whole dimension to the equation.

How do you Use Time in Little Alchemy 2?

Time offers a touch of reality in the game. Adding Time in the game was a smart move being an infotainment game. You can make new items in the game using it. Below is the list of things that you can create with Time.

  • Alcohol – You can create this by Juice + Time
  • Bone – You can make this by Corpse + Time
  • Corpse – You can produce this item by Human + Time
  • Dawn – You can make this happen by Night + Time
  • Death – You can create this item by Life + Time
  • Eruption – You can get this when you mix Volcano + Time
  • Fruit – You can produce this by Flower + Time
  • Vinegar – You can make this by Wine + Time
  • Tree – You can get this by Plant + Time

These are some of the items you can acquire with Time. Mixing it with other items can give you more items. Discover Time in Little Alchemy 2 and make items to explore all 720 items in the game. Now that you’re here, you can check out how to make Good in Little Alchemy 2.