How To Fix Diablo Immortal Connection Errors On Android

Are you tired of the annoying connection error messages while playing Diablo Immortal? Here is the fix to your problem.

Diablo Immortal is an action role playing game and whenever a game newly launches, it is normal to have some connection or server related issues. This article will help you in fixing the connection errors in Diablo Immortal on Android specifically.

Fix Connection Errors in Diablo Immortal on Android


diablo immortal connection error fix

There are numerous reason why you will be having connection issues while playing any game. It is plausible that the game is under some kind of client update or maintenance update while you’re playing the game. Due to that reason, you’re facing some issues. These are some things you could try if you experience connection errors in Diablo Immortal.

Keep the Game Up To Date


Ensure that you have downloaded all the resources that the game requires for functioning smoothly. Sometimes due to this reason, the game goes through lags or possibly won’t start properly.

Switch between Networks

If you’re facing some connection issues, try switching your internet network from either WiFi to Mobile Network or vice versa. Sometimes, the connection speed of the internet isn’t enough for the game to function properly. Try and check which network is providing good enough network speed.


Background Checks

Even after checking the above components, if you’re facing errors, do the background check. Check if there is any other application running in the background or is open along with the game. Sometimes, you may experience lag in the game due to the RAM usage.

Server Checks


Do remember to check if the game servers are up and running. Many times, the game server is down and that’s one of the reason you aren’t able to play the game.

Reboot Device

If the errors are still consistent, close the game, clear the RAM and restart your device. It would reset the device and maybe the game will run smoothly post reboot.

These are some of the ways you can tackle connection errors in Diablo Immortal. Hopefully, this article was helpful to you. While you’re here, do check out if you can Change Servers in Diablo Immortal and how to play Diablo Immortal with a Controller?


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