How To Comment GIF On Instagram Posts & Reels

Take commenting to a whole new level by adding GIFs to it on Instagram reels and posts.

You might be wondering why can you see people comment with GIF on Instagram posts. This is Instagram’s new update where you can comment using GIFs on posts and reels. Now you can also add fun to commenting with GIFs with the help of this guide.

How to Comment Using GIFs on Instagram

comment gif on instagram reels or posts

  1. Make sure your account is a Professional or Creator account
  2. Update Instagram to its latest version
  3. Select any post or reel you’d like to comment on.
  4. Tap on the GIF icon on the right side of the typing bar.
  5. Search n the GIF section and select the one you want to comment with.
  6. Press the post or the arrow sign to post your GIF comment.
  7. You can also find someone else’s Giphy comment and tap on “more” below it. (feature mostly available for iOS users)
  8. This will give you more GIF options that you can post from.

Re-log into Instagram after it is updated in case the GIF option still doesn’t appear for you. You can also wait for 24 hours for it to show up or check your device’s version compatibility. If your device is compatible then reach out to Instagram’s Help Center with your query.

This update on Instagram was considered to be a “Finally feature” as it should have been added long back. Besides this update, there were also other updates like adding up to 5 links in your bio, sharing songs using notes, and replying to a reel by adding it to your story, making the app more fun and lively.

That was all on how to comment with GIF on Instagram Reels and posts. If you found this article helpful you can also check out how to fix Instagram links in bio not working or check out other tech related articles on our page.