Little Alchemy: How To Craft Lake (Full Recipe)

Want to create a Lake in Little Alchemy? Here's the full step-by-step recipe for it.

Creating Lake in Little Alchemy 1 will make it possible to craft a few other units, including the real and mythical ones. This fun mix-and-create game has 580 elements for players to discover, among which some can be made with multiple recipes. Such as for this, we have given the short and simple steps recipe and a little bit longer alternative. You can follow the one that has items you haven’t yet crafted, so let us waste no more time and get to it.

How to Create Lake in Little Alchemy (Recipe 1)

Create Lake in Little Alchemy
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This is the simplest and fastest way to craft Lake in the game. You just have to create a Pond and then mix it with the base element Water for the outcome:

  1. Take Water and mix it with Air to create Rain.
    • Water + Air → Rain
  2. Next, mix the Rain with the Earth to get Plant.
    • Earth + Rain → Plant
  3. Combine two elements of Plant for a Garden.
    • Plant + Plant → Garden
  4. Add Water to the Garden for the Pond.
    • Water + Garden → Pond 
  5. Lastly, mix the Pond and Water to craft Lake.
    • Water + Pond → Lake

How to Create Lake in Little Alchemy (Recipe 2)

Make Lake in Little Alchemy
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This might be longer than the above one, but it is filled with items you can use in different recipes. So, follow the steps and get them all:

  1. First, combine the Air and Fire to create Energy.
    • Air + Fire → Energy
  2. Then, mix the Earth with Energy to generate Earthquake.
    • Earth + Energy → Earthquake
  3. Put Earth in the Earthquake for a Mountain.
    • Earthquake + Earth → Mountain
  4. Add Water to the Mountain to create a River.
    • Mountain + Water → River
  5. Now, mix Water and Earth to get Mud.
    • Water + Earth → Mud
  6. Place Fire on the Mud to craft Brick.
    • Mud + Fire → Brick
  7. Combine two Brick elements to make a Wall.
    • Brick + Brick → Wall
  8. Mix Wall and River to build a Dam.
    • Wall + River → Dam
  9. Lastly, place the River in the Dam for the Lake.
    • River + Dam → Lake

Things to Make With Lake in Little Alchemy 1

These are all the elements you can craft using the Lake:

  • Bird + Lake → Duck
  • Story + Lake → Nessie

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