How To Fix Reddit Is Fun (RIF) 403 Forbidden Error

Is your Reddit is Fun app showing the Forbidden error code? Then this article has the fix for you.

It has been a while, ever since users have been logging into their Reddit is Fun, RIF app, and the Forbidden Error code is coming up. This isn’t letting, users log in or use the app. It displays as the 403 Forbidden Error and the screen goes completely blank. Let’s look at how we can fix this.

How to Fix RIF Forbidden Error Code

reddit is fun forbidden error code
Image Credits – redditisfun on Reddit

The Reddit is Fun app has been shut down since June 30th, 2023. This is why it is no longer working for users. Many critical issues from Reddit API led to this. Along with their treatment of developers.  The RIF app started showing this error several months ago and it was announced that the app is going to be discontinued. Unfortunately, when the app no longer exists, so there can’t be any fixes for it. Not just that, Reddit is Fun posted that there was a “hostile treatment of developers building on their platform”.

Loyal RIF users have been upset about this change as RIF was used by the majority of the audience until one day they woke up and saw the forbidden error code. Users enjoyed Reddit fun, that they had subscribed to its golden platinum membership. The app is also nowhere to be found. The only RIF content that you can see now is from its subreddit.

As of now, there is no word from the devs on whether or not RIF will make a comeback. But for now, RIF seems pretty much gone for good. Some users enjoyed Reddit is Fun more than the usual Reddit. There will also be a few changes done regarding prohibiting NSFW content on Reddit.

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