Reddit Search Not Working Issue Fix

Here is a quick guide to fix Reddit Search not working issue!

Reddit is a popular website where content on various genres is exchanged and discussed by people all over the world. You can create a unique username on Reddit and search for various topics or participate in discussions and share your views on this open platform.

Recently, there are many Reddit users facing trouble while trying to search for different topics. If you are also facing any issue on Reddit then we have a solution for you. So without any further ado, let us get started with how to fix the Search Not Working Issue on Reddit.

How To Fix Reddit Search Not Working Issue?

1. Check Server Status

Reddit Search Not Working Fix

Most of the time the errors or issues occur due to the server outage on Reddit’s backend. Hence before you go and look into any technical fix from your end simply go and check if there is an outage or server down issue reported by Reddit. You can check the Reddit Server status using three methods: Twitter, Reddit Status, and Downdetector.  Firstly, head to the official Twitter handle of Reddit and see if the issue is been addressed. If you don’t find anything here then go for the second option i.e. Reddit Status!

Reddit has their site called Reddit Status that keep us updated about the servers every minute. every now and when the server isn’t functioning the issue is reported by yellow or red-colored bands on the site. Green colored band indicate the smooth functioning of Reddit whereas the Yellow and Red-colored band report the issues. To check Reddit Server Status go to your browser and search for Reddit Status or simply click on the link and we will redirect you there!

If you do not find any lead about the ongoing issue on Twitter or Reddit Status then you must visit and give it a try on Downditector.  Downditector is a third-party site that gives us real-time information about various websites. Visit and get a real-time update about the server down issue based on the number of people who reported the same.

2. Disable Ad Blockers

Having an Ad blocker installed on your device is good for uninterrupted surfing. But these ad Blockers sometimes interfere with the sites like Reddit and create an issue. So to ensure that, disable the Ad Blocker on your device and try searching things on Reddit again to fix the Reddit Search Not Working issue.

3. Disable Search Filter

Reddit has this filter set where it automatically filters certain content on your account thereby creating an issue while searching. Hence to make sure that this is not the case, head to the Settings and click on your profile icon. Next, open the User Settings and turn the ‘Adult Content’ and ‘Safe Search Mode’ ON. Go back to Reddit Home Page and try searching things again. We hope the issue will be fixed!

This is everything you need to know about how to fix Reddit Search Not Working Issue.