Experience Elden Ring Like Never Before: Ranni Demigod Backpack Mod

This quest for the perfect look steps into new territory with a mod that lets you carry a demigod like a backpack.

Welcome to a new dimension of Elden Ring with the Ranni Demigod Backpack Mod. In the world of Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree, players often pursue the ultimate in-game fashion, known as “fashion souls.”

This quest for the perfect look steps into new territory with a mod that lets you carry a demigod like a backpack. Yes, you heard that right. Normally, you can’t equip a demigod backpack in the game, but the talented modder ApolloHoo has created a way to make it happen.

Now, you can elevate your in-game style and immerse yourself even deeper into the rich lore of Elden Ring.

Ranni’s Promised Consort Tarnished

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While the title “Ranni’s Promised Consort Tarnished” may not instantly tell you what this mod does, the images on the Nexus Mods page do a better job. The mod lets you wear Ranni, the moon witch, on your back, similar to how Godfrey carries a lion. She doesn’t have any special abilities, but if you’re in a new game after marrying her, it’s like taking her on a honeymoon through the Lands Between.

Some users have reported that the mod can be tricky to install. You’ll need to unzip the folder first, which might give you some errors. Next, you drag the files into the Mod Engine 2 folder. A few people in the comments have uploaded their own “fixed” versions of the folder, but be careful about downloading from strangers.

Others have managed to get it working without any extra help. It’s a good idea to check the comments for tips on preventing Ranni from appearing misaligned on your character. There are also instructions on how to change which weapon makes her appear with the default being the Finger Seal.

Modder ApolloHoo’s Other Creative Mods and Their Uses

ApolloHoo is known for his creative and imaginative mods that bring a fresh perspective to Elden Ring. One of his notable creations includes a mod that transforms your horse into the Divine Dragon from Sekiro.

This shows his knack for modifying NPCs and enemy models for new uses. Another interesting mod from ApolloHoo allows you to turn Fia’s bed into a weapon, adding a quirky element to your gameplay. While there’s another mod available from him that might spoil a DLC fight, it could also provide some insights into getting Ranni as your backpack working smoothly.

It would be great if ApolloHoo could improve the mod files or write a detailed installation guide. Many players would love to see Ranni cast frost spells or offer buffs in exchange for runes or level-ups.

Considering the excitement around gameplay twists, fans who enjoy a variety of mods might also be interested in exploring the top online slots selection, which offers another layer of engaging content. With ApolloHoo’s unique mods, such as the Ranni backpack, even the Seamless Co-op modder should take notice—backpack Ranni might just become your go-to companion.

The Takeaway

In conclusion, the Ranni Demigod Backpack Mod by ApolloHoo adds an exciting and fashionable twist to the Elden Ring. Though installation may be tricky, the mod’s unique charm makes the effort worthwhile. With ApolloHoo’s creativity and talent, players can look forward to more innovative mods that elevate their gaming experience.

For fans of “fashion souls” and immersive lore, this mod offers both a stylish and memorable addition to their adventures in the Lands Between. Whether you are a seasoned mod user or new to the scene, the Ranni backpack is sure to enhance your Elden Ring journey.