Where To Find And Catch Alligator Gar In Palia

Become rich just by fishing and selling the Alligator Gar In Palia!

Palia Alligator Gar is a common fish but is sold for the base value of 80 Gold Coins. Fishing is already one of the simplest, less time-consuming money-making activities of the game, and fishes like these are the main sources of income. While you can fish in any water body, not all locations have all kinds. Even specific types like river and lake ones, would not all be the same in the maps of Kilima and Bahari.

For those who require bait, it is better to know the exact locations than randomly fishing at the spots. Such as this, which not only requires a specific kind of bait but also is found only at certain places on the one map. So, if you haven’t yet caught one, here is where you need to search and what you must use to lure them.

Palia Alligator Gar Locations

Palia Alligator Gar Locations
Fish Alligator Gar in Kilima Lake of Palia (Screenshot by Games Adda)

Alligator Gar is a carnivorous fish lured using Glow Worms in Kilima Lake (Fisherman’s Lagoon, Remembrance Beach, and Griffin Cove). It can be caught at any time of the day. Since it is common, you only have to place the bait and throw the hook to find them. You will very easily catch them within just a few tries, however, if you are finding it different then use Major Safe Zone Size Booster or Major Safe Zone Speed Booster. One will increase the green circle size, and another will speed up the minigame.

How to Get Glow Worms in Palia

The Glow Worms can be bought from the Einar Guild Store using the Fishing Medals at Fishing level 10. Additionally, you can purchase the Glow Worm Farm recipe with 2000 Golds at Fishing level 7 from the same store. Once you have bought the recipe, place some consumables in the crafter and wait for an hour. Afterward, you can receive Glow Worms and Advanced Fertilizers from it.

Where to Use Alligator Gar in Palia

You can sell the base ones for 80 Gold each and Star Quality for 120 Gold each. Apart from that, you can gift these to the villagers: Einar, Elouisa, Hassian, Jel, Najuma, Reth, Subira, Tau, and Zeki. They will like receiving Alligator Gar even when it is not their weekly wants. So far, it has not been used in any bundles, or quests, but is needed for certain accomplishments. Kilima and Bahari Fish Collector, Master Kilima and Bahari Fish Collector, and Catching Fish are achievements you can unlock by capturing these.

Once you have caught the Alligator Gar in Palia you should fish Fathead Minnow and Eyeless Minnow.