Where To Find And Catch Fathead Minnow In Palia (Fishing Locations)

You can easily make thousands of Gold by selling Fathead Minnow in Palia. Not sure about their location? Scroll down to find out.

Yup, Fathead Minnow’s base value is 80 Gold in Palia. Even though it is a common fish, the location and other conditions make it a hard catch for the players. It is a small size, big head and super big eyes fish of olive color you can gift to a bunch of villagers, including Jel, Hassian, and Reth. While it is not required for any quest or Temple bundles, there are a few accomplishments that need you to capture both Base and Quality ones.

Fishing is one of the easiest skills to grow here. You even have a pond in your house plot and water bodies like a few seconds away from there. However, not all fish contribute much to your pockets. So, your goal should be to increase the level and unlock better items to catch common yet valuable ones like Fathead Minnow. If you haven’t captured one until now, here is its location and requirement.

Palia Fathead Minnow Locations

Palia Fathead Minnow Locations
Use Glow Worm and fish in these locations to catch Fathead Minnow in Palia (Screenshot by Games Adda)

Fathead Minnow is a freshwater fish of Bahari Bay. To catch it, you need to attach a Glow Worm bait to your rod and go to the locations marked on the map. As we have mentioned above, it is a common fish, so with the bait, you wouldn’t have a hard time catching it. However, if you are finding it difficult to keep it in the green circle, buy and apply the Major Safe Zone Speed Booster or Major Safe Zone Size Booster. The first one increases the green circle size, and the other fastens the process.

Glow Worms can be purchased from the Einar Guild Store for Fishing Medals at level 10 fishing. Alternatively, you can buy the Glow Worm Farm recipe for 2000 Golds at level 7 from the same Guild Store. Like the Worm Farm, you have to place the consumables in the crafter to get Glow Worms and advanced fertilizers. The process will take one hour of real-life time.

If you want to catch the Quality Fathead Minnow, look for the ripple with bubbles at those places. Try to be as near as possible to the ripple, so that you can easily take out the fish. From my experience, when it is near the shores, fish don’t have much movement area, which makes catching them less troublesome.

Apart from Fathead Minnow of Palia, there are a bunch of other fishes you can find in the Bahari Bay, such as the Long Nosed Unicorn. You can check out our dedicated section to learn about their locations.