Where To Find And Catch Long Nosed Unicorn Fish In Palia

Palia has a fish with a unicorn horn? Yes, it does, but no, you cannot use it as a weapon. The Long Nosed Unicorn contributes to certain accomplishments and one of the Temple bundles.

Long Nosed Unicorn is one of the most magical-looking fish of Palia. While a long nose might remind of Pinocchio, the shape is actually like a unicorn horn. The fish is said to have psychic abilities that affect even the seasoned fisherman, thus making it a lot harder to catch. Let me tell you a secret though, Reth is among the villagers who like to receive it as a gift. Besides, even if you are not interested in raising your friendship level with Reth and getting him as a romanceable character, there are plenty of other reasons to catch it.

Fishing has always been an inseparable part of the game. Let it be for the cooking or to increase the skill level and unlock new items to purchase from the Einar. Keeping aside the common ones, most fishes fetch you a good amount, which makes all the effort worth it. Once you have started using the worms, it wouldn’t be surprising even if you earned thousands of Gold in a day.

Palia Long Nosed Unicorn Fish Locations

Palia Long Nosed Unicorn Fish Locations
Find Long Nosed Unicorn in the coasts of Bahari Bay of Palia (Screenshot by Games Adda)

In Palia, Long Nosed Unicorn only appears on the coasts of Bahari Bay: Coral Shores, Lighthouse Lagoon, and Beachcomber Cove. That too only during the day, which is 6 am to 6 pm of in-game time. As for the bait, you will need Glow Worms. However, even with those, catching them is a hassle since they are rare and quick to escape.

How to Catch Long Nosed Unicorn Fish in Palia

It is best to equip a Major Safe Zone Speed Booster or Major Safe Zone Size Booster while fishing. As the name suggests, one will increase the Safe Zone (green circle) size, and another will speed up the process. As for the items mentioned here, you can purchase them from the Einar for Golds or Fishing Medals. Once you are prepared, go to the location and start the hunt. Be patient, as it will take some attempts to hook them.

Where to Use Long Nosed Unicorn

Apart from making money and gifting it to villagers, we need it for accomplishments and Magic Bundle. Magic Bundle is part of Vault of the Waves, which you find in the Night Sky Temple. As for the accomplishments, it contributes towards Kilima and Bahari Fish Collector and Master Kilima and Bahari Fish Collector.

Once you have offered it to the Temple, Long Nosed Unicorn fish of Palia can be put in the Fisher’s Aquarium. Which then can be used as a house decoration.