How To Complete Beauty Is Pain Challenge In Bitlife

Follow this guide to finish the Beauty is Pain Challenge in Bitlife less painfully.

Bitlife is back with a new challenge, Beauty is Pain. Yes, it is! You have to keep your Look stats to 100% to complete this challenge. If luck is not on your side, you will end up with a character that has low stats from the beginning, meaning you have to spend a lot of money on Gym and other stuff. While I believe what Hungerford said in Molly Bawn “Beauty Lies in the Eyes of the Beholder”, for the sake of the game we need to work on the character’s look.

Now, coming back to the challenge, it is a medium level, however, way simpler than the easy level Simpler Life. You don’t have to rigorously look for the Chihuahua in the adoption center, but you will end up with a criminal record, which will close the doors to many professional opportunities. That is an issue, but not so much if you follow the order given here.

How to Do the “Beauty is Pain Challenge” in Bitlife

Beauty is Pain Challenge in Bitlife
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While it might seem that following the order in the given sequence will be easier, it will be harsh on your character. Having a criminal record is already difficult for them, even if we forget about the sentence they must serve in prison. I remember my poor Mutt died of starvation when my character was in Prison. So, it is best to follow the order we have provided here:

Suggestion: Before we start, there are two things I would recommend you to follow until you have finished the challenge. Don’t keep a pet, and don’t get married. Even if you do get married, make sure to sign Prenup.

Be Born a Female in New York

New York is in the United States. So, create a New Life from the main menu of Bitlife, and select Country: United States, Place: New York. Once your character is done, see that its stats are at least above seventy for the Looks. If it isn’t, you should delete it and make a new one. If you are fine with spending money, as you were born with a decent amount in your bank account, you can skip doing that.

Master 2+ Martial Arts Styles

As the task mentions, you must master 2+ martial arts, so go for three, no need to try more. At the age of eight, you will unlock the Martial Arts option in the Mind & Body section of the Activities. Go into it, select any, and ask your parents to join it. They hardly ever agree to let you join more than one, so spend their money and master it before you turn 18. Once you have turned eighteen, you can go and learn two more by paying for every session.

Remember parents might reject your request if you don’t have a good relationship with them. While growing up make sure to be on their good side. If you do that, you can depend on them to a certain extent after returning from Prison.

Fight Someone During a Walk

The task says for itself. You will find the Walk option in the Mind & Body. You can select the length and type too. People don’t try to fight with you in every session, so you might have to go on the walk several times to find an angry person. Since you have learned martial arts, you will get the option to select where to attack with the moves you have learned. Believe me, damage is bad in most cases.

Fight 2+ People in Prison

This is one of the most important and sometimes difficult to clear. To end up in prison, you have to commit a crime from the Activities section. However, it is highly recommended that you earn good money from part-time, freelance gigs and finish your university before committing any crime. You will need money for the last task, and having a university degree will let you land a decent job after returning from the Prison.

While your character is in jail, you must go to the Prison Yard from Prison option on the main screen. There, you will see other prisoners. Choose the one with the worst relationship, and you will see the attack option. If the option doesn’t appear, then insult them, and it will be the next time.

Note: Your prison sentence will be extended by a year after attacking any prisoner.

Have 100% Looks

Once you are out of the prison, go into the Salon & Spa of Activities and get the waxing, tanning, manicure, and pedicure done. If your stats don’t reach a hundred, go to the Plastic Surgery option from Activities and get the Face Life, Nose Job, or any other surgeries done till you finish the task.

And there you have successfully completed the Beauty is Pain Challenge in Bitlife. For more interesting and useful guides like this, follow our dedicated section about jobs like Roadkill Remover and Veterinarian.