How To Get A Chihuahua In Bitlife

Want to adopt a small adorable Chihuahua in Bitlife but not sure how you can do that? Here is all you need to do.

Previously in the Legally Blonde and now for the Simpler Life, getting Chihuahua in Bitlife is an irreplaceable task for both these challenges. It wouldn’t be a surprise if it appears as a task in any future ones too. When we start a new life, after a certain age we can ask parents to adopt a pet. However, they wouldn’t always listen to our requests, depending on various factors, like our behavior and how well our relationship is with them.

Even when they do, it might not be what you are looking for. There is no doubt in the fact that no matter which is adopted, interacting with them makes us happy. Yet, challenges require a specific breed and sometimes one with the mentioned name.

How to Get Chihuahua for Challenge in Bitlife

How to Get Chihuahua for Challenge in Bitlife
You can get Chihuahua from Dog Breeders in Bitlife (Screenshot by Games Adda)

There are three ways to get a Chihuahua in Bitlife: Animal Shelter, Dog Breeders, and Pet Store. All three of these are accessible and can be used without a parent’s permission from the age of 15. You can find them in the Pets option of the Activities menu. Animal Shelter among these is the cheapest, but the most unreliable one. Rarely you will see a pure breed in it, let alone a pet like this.

The fact that we hardly see them in shelters is expected, as they are expensive, even with Dog Breeders and Pet Store. You must work freelance gigs from high school, to get the amount required for purchase. In addition to that, both of these are available only when you at least have Bitizen, if not God Mode. If you don’t have the pack, you must keep checking the Shelter every year. Also, make sure that you are on your parent’s good books at least until you turn 15.

While you are waiting for it to appear on the list, remember to take care of your finances. If you are broke or your expenses are more than your income, they can reject your character from adopting a pet.

If you were looking to adopt a Chihuahua in Bitlife not for the challenge but due to your love for them, then you might be interested in the Veterinarian career.