How To Become A Roadkill Remover In Bitlife

You can pursue the career of Roadkill Remover in Bitlife to live a simple life while getting decent pay.

Dirty Jobs, Patient Zero, and now Simpler Life, Roadkill Remover in Bitlife has appeared as a task for quite a few challenges. It isn’t a bad career to pursue in the game, as the pay is decent, and you get to apply and easily land a job without being in student loan debt. However, there are some drawbacks to it. There is a limit to how much you can grow in this field, though your pay might increase by working a few years or switching to a different employer.

Still, if you want to get a job with reasonable working hours, and a stress-free schedule, this is your call. So, if you aren’t sure about its requirements, scroll down and learn everything needed.

How to Start Career Roadkill Remover in Bitlife

How to Start Career Roadkill Remover in Bitlife

You don’t need a university or college degree to pursue this career. However, you must have a driving license and a car. When your character turns 18, you can go to the Jobs section, check the Job Listing and apply for it. Additionally, pay attention to the character’s Smart stats. Since Roadkill Remover is a part of Small Business, like most it wouldn’t expect much from you, yet not having adequate Smart might hinder it. You must at least be able to take the interview, if not pass it.

In case, you don’t see this job listed there, you can close the app and start it again or age up. If you were doing freelance gigs before turning 18 and have some cash to spare, try using Job Recruiter. They will find the best possible one for your skill set. Since you haven’t pursued a university education, they might bring this offer to you.

Aging up is not always helpful, as even after reaching the fifties, you might still not find this listed. It is better to restart the game app several times until you find it. However, even that can’t guarantee that it would appear. You might have to start a new life and begin from scratch, as there are hundreds of jobs here.

With this, we wrap our how to become a Roadkill Remover in Bitlife. To find more career guides like this, be sure to check out our dedicated section.