Bitlife: What Is A Prenup?

Here's how to get a prenup agreement with a spouse in the game.

Bitlife is a text life simulator where players can live out the life of their dreams. They can make friends, find love, get married, and live happily ever after if they choose to. However, if things don’t work out, players can also choose to get divorced and move on with their lives. This is where the Prenup plays an important role in Bitlife.

It is a great way to protect a character’s wealth if they are rich. Let us find out more about the prenup and what it does below.

What Is A Prenup In Bitlife?


A Prenup is a way of protecting the financial assets of the characters in case of a divorce. Players can choose to have their character’s partner sign a prenup at the time of marriage if they are not too sure about the match and do not want to end up losing a lot of money if the marriage ends. Alternatively, the partner can also ask the character to sign a prenup if they are richer.

When getting married, the game will automatically give players the option to ask their spouse for a prenup if they are much richer. The message will also detail the current net worth of the character and their spouse. If players are marrying their character to a much richer spouse, they can also be asked to sign a prenup.

If the player chooses not to sign the prenup, they have the option to either off the wedding, cancel the engagement, or break up with their partner completely. Players can also choose to not ask their spouse for a prenup if they are the richer party.

If a prenup is successfully signed, the wealth a character has will not be split at the time of divorce. However, this does not cover the income or assets that the character might have acquired during the marriage.

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