How To Complete The Simpler Life Challenge In Bitlife

Stuck at the task of Simpler Life challenge in Bitlife? Follow along to complete all its goals.

The Simpler Life Challenge of Bitlife isn’t as simple as it sounds. While plenty have completed it, many are still stuck at some or other tasks. If finishing just three or four was an option, it might not have been a hassle, but achieving everything in one life is a bit difficult. Still, if we want the mystery prize and reach the goal of Superstar Mode, avoiding it might not be the best option. With that said, let us not waste any more time and get to it.

How to Do the “Simpler Life Challenge” in Bitlife

Complete The Simpler Life Challenge In Bitlife
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There are five tasks in the Simpler Life Challenge, starting from being born in a certain part of the world to emigrating and pursuing a specific career somewhere else.

Task 1: Be Born a Female in California

  • To get started with this challenge, go to the main menu (list icon) from the top-left corner.
  • Next, tap on the New Life, save the current one, and fill in your birth details.
  • Since the task requires you to be born in California, select the United States.
  • Then choose your place of birth: Los Angeles, San Jose, San Francisco, San Diego, or any other city in California.

Task 2: Own a Chihuahua

  • At the age of six, you can go to the Dog Breeders option from the Pets section of Activities and ask parents to adopt Chihuahua.
  • If they keep rejecting your request, start doing freelance gigs in high school and collect money to buy it yourself after turning 15.
  • You can check Pet Store and Animal Shelter to find it too. It appearing in Animal Shelter is extremely rare, but it’s the only free option.
  • For using the Dog Breeders and Pet Store option, you must at least be a Bitizen, even if you don’t have God Mode.

Task 3: Have 100 Percent Looks

  • This is probably one of the easiest ones compared to some other tasks. Once you become a high school student, start doing freelance gigs and collect some money.
  • When you are 14, you will unlock the Nail Salon option of Salon & Spa in Activities. It wouldn’t increase the Looks stats much, but keep investing in other salon options like waxing and tanning until you turn 18.
  • At the age of 18, you will unlock the Plastic Surgery option. It is going to be expensive, so if you were already investing in the salon, you wouldn’t need to spend much on these.
  • You can do Face Lift, Eyelid Surgery, Nose Job, Tummy Tuck, and a bunch of other surgeries from there.

Task 4: Emigrate to Bolivia

Emigrate to Bolivia Bitlife
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Once you are 18 years old, you will see the Emigrate option in your Activities tab. Go to the option and select Bolivia. If it is not available, then close and restart the game app. Once your request gets approved, you might have to pay some cash, so prepare a few thousand before applying.

Task 5: Become a Roadkill Remover in Bolivia

You can find this career by going into the Jobs and checking the job listing. If the list doesn’t have Roadkill Remover, restart the game app until you see it. You can also age up your character to get the option. It doesn’t need you to have any university or college education, so you might even find it through Job Recruiter.

That’s all you need to complete the Simpler Life Challenge in Bitlife. For more topics like this, check out our dedicated section.