How To Craft A Dinosaur In Little Alchemy

Here is how to bring back the Dinosaur Pterodactyl and Tyrannosaurus Rex in Little Alchemy.

Unlocking Dinosaur in Little Alchemy makes it easier to craft several other items and types of reptiles that would take a longer time without it. Some of the most popular of these are Pterodactyl and Tyrannosaurus Rex. You combine it with others to get creatures from myth, fantasy, and reality. It is even used to create Fossil, which can be made into Petroleum, making it one of the must-have items in the game, so without any further ado let us craft it with this recipe.

How to Create Dinosaur in Little Alchemy 1

Create Dinosaur in Little Alchemy
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To get the prehistoric Dinosaur in Little Alchemy, you have to go back in time and combine the existing reptile Lizard with it:

  • Lizard + Time = Dinosaur

With the combined 16 steps you can get these ingredients as well as the Dinosaur, so follow along and get them all:

  1. First, take Water and mix it with Earth to get Mud.
    • Earth + Water = Mud
  2. Then mix Air and Water for Rain.
    • Air + Water = Rain
  3. Put Earth in the Rain for a Plant.
    • Rain + Earth = Plant
  4. Add Mud into the Plant to get Swamp.
    • Plant + Mud = Swamp
  5. Mix Fire and Air to craft Energy.
    • Fire + Air = Energy
  6. Put Swamp in Energy to get Life.
    • Swamp + Energy = Life
  7. Combine Life and Air for a Bird.
    • Air + Life = Bird
  8. Put together two elements of a Bird to make an Egg.
    • Bird + Bird = Egg
  9. Drag Swamp on the Egg to create Lizard.
    • Egg + Swamp = Lizard
  10. Mix Air and Energy for Wind.
    • Air + Energy = Wind
  11. Put Together Earth and Fire for Lava.
    • Earth + Fire = Lava
  12. Mix Air in Lava to make Stone.
    • Lava + Air = Stone
  13. Add Wind to Stone to craft Sand.
    • Wind + Stone = Sand
  14. Combine Fire and Sand for Glass.
    • Sand + Fire = Glass
  15. Now, add Sand to the Glass to make Time.
    • Sand + Glass = Time
  16. Put Time and Lizard together for Dinosaur.
    • Time + Lizard = Dinosaur

Things to Make With Dinosaur in Little Alchemy

These are some of the things you can craft using the Dinosaur:

  • Dinosaur + Earth = Fossil
  • Dinosaur + Air = Pterodactyl
  • Dinosaur + City = Godzilla
  • Dinosaur + Meat = Tyrannosaurus Rex

After you have crafted Dinosaur in Little Alchemy and tried these combinations, you should check out our other recipes to make items like Planet.