How To Make Good In Little Alchemy 2

Want to know how to make good in Little Alchemy 2? This guide will tell you what can you do.

In this game, you will see basic items such as Water, Air, Fire and Earth. You have to use your permutation skills to make new items. This guide will tell you how to make Good in Little Alchemy 2.

How to Make Good in Little Alchemy 2?

good in little alchemy 2

Good is an item which can’t be made but it can be acquired. In order to get your hands on good, you have to purchase an in-game Content Pack called ‘Myths and Monsters’. Through this Content Pack, you can unlock supernatural and mythological items and discover more about what this game offers. You will get 4 new basic items in the Content Pack, viz. Good, Evil, Immortality and Monster. Also, this pack is only available in the mobile version.

What do you Use Good for?

Now that you know how to get your hands on Good, you might as well want to learn what can you use it for. What will be produced by adding the Good in the equation? Here is a list of things you can create using Good.

  • Chinese Dragon – You can create Chinese Dragon by Dragon + Good.
  • Father Time – You can produce Father Time by Grim Reaper + Good.
  • Faerie – You can get Faerie by Goblin + Good.
  • Heaven – You can make Heaven by House + Good.
  • Holy Water – You can get Holy Water by Water + Good.
  • Pandora’s Box – You can create Pandora’s Box by Container + Good.

Similarly, you can make many things by mixing the items apart from Good in Little Alchemy 2. In the game, you have to discover 720 items in total. Using this content pack you can discover 110 items out of those 720.

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