Diablo Immortal | How To Upgrade Gear Ranks

Gears can play an important role in Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal is the first mobile friendly game of the Diablo gaming franchise. The game has many similar mechanics to the other Diablo games. Players will need to level up their character and upgrade weapons to get ahead in the game. In today’s guide, we will explain how players can upgrade their Gear Ranks in Diablo Immortal.

How To Upgrade Gear Ranks In Diablo Immortal?


Players can only upgrade their Gear by visiting the Blacksmiths located in Westmarch. The Blacksmith NPCs are unlocked after players complete a few of the early missions in the game. They are located all around the map and should not be hard for players to find.

Players can simply take the gear to the Blacksmiths with the material required to upgrade them like Scrap Material, Enchanted Dust, Glowing Shard, and Gold. The Blacksmiths will not upgrade the Gear Ranks until players provide then with the necessary material in Diablo Immortal.

If players are having a hard time finding certain required materials, they can always salvage their existing Gear at the Blacksmiths. Salvaging spare or low level gear can give players materials that they can use to upgrade the gear they want. Players must also keep in mind that they can only upgrade Rare, Legendary, and Set gears.

Each upgrade costs varies from level to level. For a 0-1 level upgrade, players would require 1500 Gold and 125 Scrap Material. Meanwhile, a level 1-2 upgrade requires 4000 Gold, 1 Enchanted Dust, and 150 Scrap Material. Lastly, if players want to do a level 2-3 upgrade, they will need 6500 Gold, 10 Enchanted Dust, and 175 Scrap Material.

Since there are only limited resources in the game, players should decide upon the gear they want to upgrade beforehand. That’s all players need to know about how to upgrade Gear Ranks in Diablo Immortal. For more guides about the game, check out Diablo Immortal No Sound On IOS Fix