Diablo Immortal No Sound On iOS Fix

Try out these fixes before you contact customer support.

Diablo Immortal has arrived on PC, Android, and iOS devices. Players are having a ball discovering the new game and going up against the Undead. However, the fun of playing Diablo Immortal has been ruined for iOS users as they are experiencing a no sound issue.

While this bug will be addressed in upcoming patches, there are a few fixes that players can try to ensure the problem is not on their end. Let us take look at how iOS players can fix the no sound issue in the game.

How To Fix Diablo Immortal No Sound Issue On iOS?


Diablo Immortal is a newly released game so bugs and errors are expected to happen. We have put together a list of fixes that players can try out before they get in touch with Blizzard Entertainment support. Let us take a look at them below.

Download Audio Resources

The first thing players can do is ensure that they have downloaded and installed additional Audio Resources. To check this, players must look for the Download Manager in the game (located in the top right corner). If there are any additional Audio Resources players have not downloaded yet, they will be reflected here. Players must download them all and then see if the issue is fixed.

Close Background Apps

Certain apps can hinder the sound in Diablo Immortal on iOS. Players must close all background app before they start the game. Music apps like Amazon Music, Spotify etc. can often cause an audio issue in the game.

Turn Off Do Not Disturb

This is a trial and error solution as some players have reported that their sound worked in the game once they turned off Do Not Disturb on their iOS device. Other players have also reported that uninstalling and re-installing the game fixes this issue.

These are all the fixes tat players can try out to fix the Diablo Immortal No Sound on iOS issue. For more guides about the game, see How To Save Game In Diablo Immortal?