Hello Kitty Island Adventure: How To Repair Visitor Cabin

Repair the Visitor Cabin in Hello Kitty Island Adventure with the help of this guide.

The Visitor Cabin in Hello Kitty Island Adventure, helps you invite visitors and friends into the game which is why it is important to repair it. The cabin is broken at first and so is the bridge adjoining the Cozy Island. Hello, Kitty’s boyfriend Daniel is the first character to enter the game once the Cabin is repaired. Here is how you fix it.

How to Repair Visitor Cabin in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

repair visitor cabin in hello kitty island adventure

You can repair the Visitor Cabin with the help of My Melody in Hello Kitty Island Adventure in this way –

  1. Collect eight Starberry Crates, that are easy to find as they are scattered all around the island.
  2. Go to My Melody and give her five Starberry Crates at first, to help her repair the broken bridge.
  3. Once Melody repairs the broken bridge, she will notice the Visitor Cabin is in need of repair too.
  4. She will then ask for three more Starberry Crates to repair the Visitor Cabin.
  5. Furthermore, My Melody will require +3 Stick and +1 Indigo Dye Pouch to repair the cabin.
  6. As she leaves to find the materials, you have to read the Star board outside the cabin, which gives you the option to repair the Cabin.
  7. Tap on Yes if you have three Starberry Crates and My Melody will start the repair.

After the cabin is repaired, My Melody further lets you know about the visitors that will show up and the other houses that are in need of repair in the game. The visitors are mostly Dear Daniel and Mimmi, who will stay in the cabin, during their time of visit.

This is how you repair the Visitor Cabin easily in the game. Furthermore, if you found this article helpful, you must check out this article on how to invite friends to Hello Kitty Island Adventure.