Hello Kitty Island Adventure: How To Invite Friends

Invite your friends and increase the fun in Hello Kitty Island Adventure with the help of this guide.

The developers thought of it as a compulsion to have the invite friends feature in the new Hello Kitty Island Adventure. As this will increase the opportunities in the game and help build a cute community. When you Invite Friends to Hello Kitty Island Adventure, you will also be able to exchange gifts, complete quests together, and travel with your friends in the Hello Kitty World. So let’s invite them.

How to Invite Friends to Hello Kitty Island Adventure

invite friends hello kitty island adventure

You can start inviting your friends to Hello Kitty Island Adventure after you have repaired the broken bridge, decorated the Visitors Cabin and Daniel has visited the island. To invite friends you have to complete these quests and perform some tasks. All of this is achieved in the following way.

  • Speak to My Melody to help repair the broken bridge.
  • Collect materials from the Strawberry crates around you and visit My Melody.
  • She will help you repair the broken bridge.
  • Once the bridge is fixed you can then visit the Visitors Cabin near Rainbow Reef with her.
  • Start fixing the new cabin and decorating it.
  • The first visitor that will come by will be Daniel, who is Hello Kitty’s boyfriend.
  • In the menu, you will find the friends visiting request and then you just have to wait for their arrival.
  • Once Daniel has arrived, then the game may invite a few other characters into the island.
  • After this. the quest is complete you will be able to invite your real friends the same way, through the Visitors Cabin.
  • You can further go on an adventure with your friends after they accept your invitation and visit your island.

This was all about how you can invite friends to the game. If you found this article helpful, you can also check out how to find Retsuko in the Hello Kitty Island Adventure.