How To Get To Retsuko In Hello Kitty Island Adventure

This guide will take you on a journey to meet Retsuko in Hello Kitty Island Adventure.

In order to get to Retsuko in Hello Kitty Island Adventure may require a little grinding by players. But at the end of the day, it is all worth it. As Retsuko is one of the most liked characters from the Hello Kitty Franchise. Her full name is Aguresshibu Retsuko and she is also commonly known as Aggretsuko when she gets angry. This is how you can find this red panda of rage and fury.

How to Find Retsuko in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

how to meet retsuko in hello kitty island adventure

Players can find Retsuko near the Red Hot Ruins of Mount Hothead in Hello Kitty Island Adventure. To get there follow the simple instructions given below –

  1. Begin your journey from Gemstone Town on the Northern Side on foot.
  2. Try hoping most of the way to reach faster.
  3. Walk towards the broken bridge on Gemstone Mountain.
  4. Then use balloons to fly over the bridge and get to the bottom of the mountain.
  5. Walk a little further and climb the stairs on large rocks over the water to cross Rainbow Reef.
  6. Remember to use balloons to fly whenever it is necessary so that your character does not fall.
  7. Now you have entered Mount Hothead, the first thing you receive there is an Obsidian Shard Chest Crafting Plan in a treasure box.
  8. Then proceed to climb the volcanic mountains which may require a little more effort.
  9. When you reach the top of the Mountain, continue walking until you reach a three-way crossroad.
  10. There you will find a Fast Travel Booth, next to which there will be the Red Hot Ruins.
  11. As you enter that area Retsuko will present herself, you have to help her get out of the bushes and then she proceeds to communicate with you.

This is how you get to Retsuko in Hello Kitty Island Adventure. You can decide to further help her find her belongings or proceed in the opposite direction. That’s a wrap on our journey to find Retsuko. If you found this article helpful, you can also check out, other gaming guides on our site.