How To Complete Thermal Throwdown Puzzle In Hello Kitty Island Adventure

The Thermal Throwdown Puzzle will help you get some rewards and level up in Hello Kitty Island Adventure and here is how you can.

The Thermal Throwdown Puzzle in Hello Kitty Island Adventure is kind of difficult to solve. But what would be the fun in it if it was easy? Time after time, the game gains the interest of players with its fun quests and puzzle rooms at the rescue. Today we are going to be talking about one such puzzle too. The final reward is a secret, but we can help you to get to it.

How to Solve Thermal Throwdown Puzzle in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

how to solve thermal throwdown puzzle in hello kitty island adventure

In Hello Kitty Island Adventure, the Thermal Throwdown Puzzle can be solved in the Puzzle Room in Spooky Swamp in the following ways –


  1. Enter the Thermal Throwdown Room and walk towards the golden block kept at the beginning.
  2. Pick it up and place it on the purple button between the two green buttons.
  3. Then use Balloons to fly from your character’s left side to the other side.
  4. There will be a pink air blower block that will help you fly upwards.
  5. Grab the golden block next to the green button as you fly upwards and land on the base.
  6. Take the golden block and jump down. Then place it on the purple button next to the green one.
  7. This will open staircases ahead of you to go back up.
  8. Once you reach the beginning point, fly again to the other platform using Balloons.
  9. Enter the doorway with a purple glowing circle on it and pick up the pink block.
  10. Now it is time to place blocks on all the green buttons.
  11. So shift all the purple button blocks to the green button and place the new pink block on the third green button too.
  12. This should open the final door to the reward.
  13. Now you can again use your Balloons and fly to the other side and enter the door with a green glowing X mark on it.
  14. You will find a chest inside that will lead you to your reward for solving the Thermal Thorwdown Puzzle in the game.

That was how you can complete the Thermal Throwdown Puzzle in the right direction, just like our guide. So if we helped lead you to your reward, you can also check out how to Fast Travel in Hello Kitty Island Adventure.