Hello Kitty Island Adventure: How To Solve Red Hot Ruins Puzzle

The Red Hot Ruins Puzzle will help retrieve Retsuko's luggage in Hello Kitty Island Adventure in this way.

You have to find the three Red Power Crystals to solve the Red Hot Ruins Puzzle in Hello Kitty Island Adventure. You will require Chococat and Retsuko with you to solve it. Beware of the rage of Aggretsuko in this quest. Solving this puzzle will help you get Retsuko’s Lost Luggage and help you complete the quest. Above all reach to Red Hot Ruins in Mount Hothead to get started.

How to Solve Red Hot Ruins Puzzle in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

Retsuko’s First Suitcase

red hot ruins

You will meet Tophat at the entrance of solving the Puzzle at Red Hot Ruins in Hello Kitty Island Adventure. From there your quest will begin. Power up the gates with three Red power Crystals and enter. To find Retsuko’s first Suitcase you have to solve the puzzle as you enter. By pushing the white buttons to open the Circular Pink Glowing door.

Then you have to interact with the 4 Crystals on each side. Another door will open that will lead you straight to Retsuko’s first missing Luggage. In this way, you have solved the first Puzzle.

Retsuko’s Second Suitcase

red hot ruins puzzle hello kitty island adventure

To retrieve the second suitcase you have to pick up the Golden Blocks and place it on the yellow buttons to open the staircase. Take those staircases and it will lead you to the green buttons. Place another golden block on the green button in the middle to unlock another staircase.

In this way keep solving this puzzle by placing blocks on the middle green and pink buttons to unlock doorways or staircases ahead of you. Press the white buttons when needed, to unlock more doors. Climb walls and keep walking and flying up huge walls to find the missing luggage to find the second suitcase.

Retsuko will get angry about her boss calling her on holiday and she will start singing aggressively. Now that this is done and you have solved the puzzle successfully, the Volcano will start emerging and the cave will start falling apart, so you have to quickly ride the Minecraft and exit the place.

This was all about how to solve the Red Hot Ruins Puzzle in the game. If you found this article helpful, you can also check out how to get Bubble Wand in Hello Kitty Island Adventure.