How To Get & Use Magic Bubble Wand In Hello Kitty Island Adventure

The Magic Bubble Wand will help you catch the Sapphire Seaponies in Hello Kitty Island Adventure with the help of this guide.

The Magic Bubble Wand is highly essential to get in Hello Kitty Island Adventure as without that you won’t be able to catch Sapphire Seaponies. Catching them will help you increase your friendship level with Hangyodon to level 7. You will also be able to complete the quest and catch other underwater sea creatures through it. This is no ordinary wand and is needed to help our friend Hangyodon, so it will require a little grinding to get it.

How to Get Magic Bubble Wand in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

Bubble Wand Plan Piece – 1

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When you meet Hangyodon in his Comedy Club and interact with him the quest for the Magic Bubble Wand will start in Hello Kitty Island Adventure. He will lead you to a sign that shows where the first Bubble Wand Plan Piece is. Swim to the Pirate Ship and you will find it there in a Hidden Sign Chest. Then go to Hangyodon again and he will tell you that the second piece is at the Hot Springs.

Bubble Wand Plan Piece – 2

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Go to the Hot Springs and meet with Retsuko at the sign. You will be taken to the location number two. The second Magic Bubble Wand Plan Piece is on Mount Hothead next to the waterfall in a chest. Return back to Retsuko once you find and she will ask you to visit the Crystal caves for the final piece.

Bubble Wand Plan Piece – 3

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Meet Pekkle by the sign at the Crystal Caves. Then fly over the blue crystal cliffs in the cave until you reach the pink crystal cave. You will find the third chest right at the entrance of it. There is your third and final plan required to get your own Magic Bubble Wand. Visit Pekkle again and he will ask you to visit Chococat with the three plan pieces.

Then Fast Travel to Seaside Resort and visit Chococat’s Crafting Table. With the three pieces, Chococat will help you get the crafting plan for the Magic Bubble Wand. You will require –

  • 20 Starfish
  • 5 Box Clams
  • 3 Mechanisms

Once you have all these items you can successfully craft a Magic Bubble Wand and go catch some Sapphire Seaponies to increase your friendship level with Hangyodon by giving it to him.

So that was all in today’s article about how to get Magic Bubble Wand. If you found this article helpful, you can also check out how to grow Coral underwater in Hello Kitty Island Adventure.