How To Grow Coral Underwater In Hello Kitty Island Adventure

Dive in with your mermaid bathing suit, as we are going to grow some Coral in Hello Kitty Island Adventure with the help of this guide.

You can enhance the beauty of the underwater sea world when you grow Coral in Hello Kitty Island Adventure. Corals are really beautiful marine animals that are present in the waters of the island in the game as well. However, here you have the opportunity to grow them by yourself! You see, the devs wanted you to take control of this whole island as well the aquatic life of it. Here is how you can grow them.

How to Grow Coral in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

grow corals in hello kitty island adventure

To grow Coral in Hello Kitty Island Adventure, you have to start the “Reef Revival” quest and get Coral Spores as a reward. Meet Keroppi, then swim and dive into the ocean with him for the quest.  The quest is all about reviving the ocean by clearing it of any trash that’s left along with unlocking and growing components of it.

There you will have to collect Trash bags and drop them in the Recycling Flower. You can read more about ways to complete this quest through this article on how to unlock Coral Chests.

You will need to recycle at least 8 trash bags to complete the quest. Once that is done, the Recycling flower will reward you with Coral Spores that can help you grow Coral. Keep a look out for more Coral Spores around the ocean. Then you have to go to a nearby Barren patch on the Ocean bed. You will get three options to grow it there. You can choose from –

  • Delicate Corals
  • Bumpy Corals
  • Peculiar Corals

Whichever you choose from above will help you grow it. And this is how we come to the end of our article on how to grow Coral underwater. If you found this article helpful, you can also check out how to get a watering can in Hello Kitty Island Adventure.