How To Get & Craft Watering Can In Hello Kitty Island Adventure

The Watering Can is not just some ordinary item in Hello Kitty Island Adventure. This guide will help you understand everything about how to get it.

The Watering Can is required in Hello Kitty Island Adventure, to water the plants around the island. You can get it temporarily and then craft it for permanent use. You may have also noticed that there are flowers with closed buds all around the island. The Watering Can will help the flowers bloom. Not only that, there will always be a surprise hidden which will only be gained once they are watered. So let’s not waste any more time and get it.

How to Get Watering Can in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

get watering can in hello kitty island adventure

The Watering Can in Hello Kitty Island Adventure can be obtained when you gift a flower to My Melody, at level 14 friendship with her. Then My Melody will lend you her Watering Can to water the four flowers outside her store. You have to find these four flowers and water them.

Each of them when watered will help you get a reward hidden inside. Once you are done watering them, My Melody will want her can back. But in return, she will give you the Watering Can Crafting Plans.

How to Craft Watering Can in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

water can crafting plan hello kitty

Once you have the crafting plan for the can you have to visit Chococats Crafting Table. The plan requires 5 Ingots and 2 Mechanisms to craft it.

You can get Ingots by using Iron Ores And Mechanisms using Gizmos. Now that you have your Watering Can ready, you can go and water as many flowers as you can. Some flowers have basic items hidden in them like flour, strawberry, etc. While some have recipe plans and sometimes even a recipe itself. There are other rare and necessary items that you can get through them.

Now you can go ahead and start watering the flowers around you as we come to the end of this guide. However, if you found this article helpful, you also check out how to unlock coral chests in Hello Kitty Island Adventure.