How To Unlock Coral Chests In Hello Kitty Island Adventure

What treasures are the Coral Chests hiding in Hello Kitty Island Adventure?

Find out about the treasures inside the Coral Chest in Hello Kitty Island Adventure with the help of this guide on how to unlock it. Besides that, there are other kinds of chests in the game like the regular chest, the locked chest, the golden chest, and our coral chest. The rewards are most probably ocean theme related. But let’s not assume, and find out for ourselves.

How to Unlock Coral Chests in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

unlock coral chests in hello kitty island adventure

To unlock and open the Coral Chests you have to find the Coral Key. That is the only key that can unlock the Coral Chests in Hello Kitty Island Adventure.

  • You can find these keys by completing the Reef Revival quest and unlocking the Recycling Plant.
  • The Reef Revival quest is unlocked after you increase your friendship level with Hello Kitty to level 11. After that, you have to go meet Keroppi. He will ask you to help clean the ocean in which Hello Kitty will also tag along.
  • You have to collect trash around the ocean and within and drop it in the Recycling Flower underwater. You have to find at least 8 more pieces of trash to complete this quest.
  • After completing the quest, you have to continue recycling waste to get rewards and gifts from the Recycling Flower. The very next gift is going to be the Coral Keys.
  • Now that you have the key you can swim deeper into the ocean to find the Coral Chests. As you go near the chest you can unlock it with the help of the Keys.

There will be hidden treasures or items inside that we do not want to spoil for you! So now that you know how to open the Coral Chests, do not waste any more time further and go ahead and unlock it. But before going, you can spare a few minutes and also check out this article on how to find Reef Critter List in Hello Kitty Island Adventure.