How To Find Reef Critter List In Hello Kitty Island Adventure

Are you looking for a way to find the Reef Critter List in Hello Kitty Island Adventure? Then this guide is for you.

There are a total of eight Reef critter to get through the list in Hello Kitty Island Adventure. Fortunately, all of them are found together in one critter list. This is another important quest, as you proceed to find the Gemstones critter list after this one. So without wasting any more time, let’s get started.

How to Get Reef Critter List in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

get reef critter list in hello kitty island adventure

To get your hands on the Reef critter list in Hello Kitty Island Adventure, you have to start your quest by going to the Nature Preserve Room. Once you are there, the quest to find the Reef Critters will start. You have to help Keroppi to restore Nature’s Preserve.

There will be a door that will open and a blue exclamation mark will be displayed, indicating you to go through it. Then you will be taken to the bridge over the Nature Preserve waters. Swim towards the left side of the bridge and you will find brown crates floating over the water.

Equip the Reef Critters list floating over it. You will also get +10 Obsidian Shards along with it. Alongside the crate, you will also get the option to open the Rainbow Reef Room. That will furthermore help you find the Gemstone Critter List.

In this way, you not only find the Reef Critter list but also a way to find the Gemstone Critter List too. We do not end just here. Let’s look at the types of critters we found in our list in Hello Kitty Island Adventure.

Reef critters list

  • Barnabeetle
  • Wollypog
  • Crustocean
  • Inky Ballooper
  • Dreamshell Drifter
  • Sapphire Seapony
  • Rainbow Ribbiter
  • Slugnautica

When you catch the Reef Critters, you also get rewards and coins. One such reward we saw was the collections of Obsidian shards. You also level up by finding them.

That’s a wrap on how to find the Reef Critters list in the game. We hope this minimizes your efforts in finding it on your own. If you found this article helpful, you can also check out how to repair the Visitor Cabin in Hello Kitty Island Adventure.