Where To Find Missing Clothing Stands In Hello Kitty Island Adventure

Help Tuxedosam find his three missing clothing stands in Hello Kitty Island Adventure.

In Hello Kitty Island Adventure, you will come across Tuxedosam, who will ask you for help to find his missing clothing stands. When you help him, you will also increase friendship and get rewards. Tuxedosam owns his clothing shop and is worried about the missing stands. If you want to know about the locations of it, then read further.

Where to Find Clothing Stands in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

how to find clothing stand in hello kitty island adventure

Luckily, the three missing clothing stands in Hello Kitty Island Adventure can be found around Tuxedosam’s Clothing Shop itself. Finding the stands is a part of the Standing Up quest in the game.

First Clothing Stand Location

clothing stand hello kitty island adventure

At Tuxedosam’s Clothing Shop accept the quest to find the clothing Stands and exit his shop. The first clothing stand is found right out of his shop as shown in the above picture. Furthermore, you simply have to collect it and proceed to find the rest.

Second Clothing Stand Location

clothing stand hello kitty

The Second clothing stand can be found on the left side of an abandoned house. To reach there, you simply have to go to the back of Tuxedosam’s Clothing Shop and climb the rock. You will then reach the abandoned house with some boxes kept there.

Third Clothing Stand Location

tuxedosam clothing stand

The third missing clothing stand can also be easily found by taking the left pathway of the abandoned house. Then you have to climb a small mountain that is in the immediate back of the cabin. You will find the third and final clothing stand there.

Wasn’t this too easy? Furthermore, you have to hand it over to him in his clothing shop. This will increase your friendship level with him and help you gain rewards.

This was all on where to find clothing stands in the game. If you found this article helpful, you can also check out how to find Reef Critter List in Hello Kitty Island Adventure.