How To Find All 7 Lost Luggage In Hello Kitty Island Adventure

We will help you find all 7 lost luggage in Hello Kitty Island Adventure.

7 of our Sanrio characters have lost their luggage in Hello Kitty Island Adventure. It is up to you now to find them. It is also very important to retrieve it as there are valuable belongings in it. Let’s not keep them waiting and get started.

Where to Find All 7 Lost Luggage in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

1. Badtz-Maru’s Lost Luggage Location

badtz-maru's lost luggage

To find Badtz-Maru lost luggage in Hello Kitty Island Adventure you have to first enter the Spooky Swamp through the map. Then you have to keep walking forwards to enter the train tracks in Pumpkin Patch. You will find a treasure chest on the way. Keep walking further, until you reach the edge of the mountain. There you will find Badtz-Maru lost luggage. You can then go and hand it over to him.

2. Chococat’s Lost Luggage Location

chococat's lost luggage location

Now it’s time to retrieve Chococat’s lost items. Before we start this quest, you have to meet Keroppi and get flippers. As this search will require you to swim. Once you are ready with the flippers, equip them and swim in the water of Seaside Resort. You will find Chococat’s lost luggage just floating above, go ahead and collect it.

3. My Melody’s Lost Luggage Location

my melody's lost luggage

To get My Melody’s lost luggage you have to meet Retsuko at Mount Hothead. Once you get there and find her, you can then proceed to find Melody’s lost luggage. You have to then go backward and find the fast travel booth. Go behind the huge rocks in front of it and you will find the lost luggage there.

4. Keroppi’s Lost Luggage Location

keroppi's lost luggage

Don’t leave Mount Hothead after finding My Melody’s lost luggage, for here is where you will find Keroppi’s lost luggage too. Walk ahead from Retsuko’s meeting point and climb the mountain to the right corner.

Keep climbing until you spot a pink button on the mountain. Then climb further and you will reach the Red Hot Ruins. You have to keep climbing the mountains until you reach the Caldera area. Keep using Stamina Apples to help you climb. You will find the lost luggage at the edge of the cliff there.

5. Hangyodon’s Lost Luggage Location

Hangyodon’s Lost Luggage

Before finding Hangyodon’s lost luggage, you have to upgrade your friendship level with Snorkel so that you can meet Hangyodon underwater. Then you have to go to Gemstone Mountain. You will find the luggage on the edge of the Mountain there. Getting Hangyodon’s lost luggage is the easiest. Furthermore, visit the Comedy Club underwater to deliver his lost luggage.

6. Kuromi’s Lost Luggage Location

kuromi’s lost luggage hello kitty island adventure

To find Kuromi’s lost luggage, you have to either swim or fast-travel to the Comedy Club. This is why it’s better if you don’t leave the Comedy Club after visiting Hangyodon, in order to save stamina. Swim at the entrance of the Comndey Club in Rainbow Reef and you will find the package for Kuromi there. Furthermore, you can then visit Spooky Swamp to hand over the luggage.

7. Hello Kitty’s Lost Luggage Location

hello kitty's lost luggage in hello kitty island adventure

Before leaving underwater, you can also collect Hello Kitty’s lost luggage. There is a bridge from Gemstone Mountain that will help you dive into Rainbow Reef. Just there towards the left of that bridge you will find Hello Kitty’s luggage near some crates underwater.

With that, we have reached the end of our article. If you found this article helpful on how to find all 7 lost luggage, then you can also check out how to find clothing stands in Hello Kitty Island Adventure.