How To Find Rubber In Hello Kitty Island Adventure

Here is how you can find some Rubber in Hello Kitty Island Adventure with the help of this guide.

Rubber, though rarely found, is one of the important items in Hello Kitty Island Adventure. It comes in handy in the Prank Preparation quest to make Water Balloon, which will be explained further. You require a total of three pieces of Rubber for this quest. Here is how you find them.

How to Get Rubber in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

get rubber locations in hello kitty isand adventure


  1. The first location where you will find Rubber on the Island is to the west of Chococat’s workbench. You can find it somewhere in the bushes there.
  2. The second place to find Rubber is on the left of Hello Kitty’s kitchen. It is not always there but on numerous occasions.
  3. The third and final location where there are chances to find Rubber is at the beach on the fence, in Pochaco.

You can further use the Rubber pieces to craft Water Balloons as a part of the Prank Preparation quest. Then hand it over to Badtz-Maru. Badtz-Maru is found on the docks. Present the Water Balloon to him and you will be able to finish the quest. This will also increase your friendship level with Maru and Water Ballons are the best gift that you can give him.

This is why it is important to find Rubber in order to complete the quest. If you want to keep increasing your friendship with Maru, you have to keep collecting Rubber and stock up on Water Balloons to gift him. However, these three are the only definite places where you can find Rubber. So whenever you come across some, make sure to collect it.

This was all about how to find Rubber in the game. If you found this article helpful, you can also check out how to find all 7 lost luggage and how to find clothing stands in Hello Kitty Island Adventure.