Where To Find Sakura In Hello Kitty Island Adventure

Here is a guide that will help you find Sakura in Hello Kitty Island Adventure.

Do not worry, Sakura will find you in Hello Kitty Island Adventure after you complete some given tasks. When it presents itself in the game, you will notice it as it enhances the beauty of the island. You can then use Sakura to gift My Melody or make the Pink Latte and Pink Clouds Ice Cream with the help of it. Sakura will help you in many ways to increase your friendship along with showing you how far you have come in the game and how you have progressed.

How to Find Sakura in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

find sakura hello kitty island adventure

Sakura trees are found around Pompompurin’s Dessert Boat in Hello Kitty Island Adventure. But is not easy to unlock the stranded boat and the flowers around it. You have to complete the following quest in order to find it –

  1. Visit the Oasis Area, just outside the bridge leading to it.
  2. There you will meet Kerropi and My Melody.
  3. Now you all can start the “Revive the Oasis” quest.
  4. Enter the mining cave with them and go through the area of all the Blue crystals.
  5. Use balloons to fly over cliffs and reach the other side.
  6. Now you will reach the area with the Pink crystals.
  7. You will also meet Chococat in the cave, who is trying to complete the quest all by himself.
  8. Then My Melody will give you the Crafting plan for a Pickaxe.
  9. You have to go and craft the Pickaxe at Chococat’s Crafting Table and you will require 3x Iron Ingots and 10x Wooden Blocks to craft it.
  10. Once you have the Pickaxe you can then return to the Oasis and break the two openings blocked with the rocks.
  11. This will help the water to flow freely from both sides and you will complete the quest.
  12. As you will complete this quest, Pompompurin’s Dessert Boat will start moving as it will not be stranded anymore.
  13. Visit the boat and you will find Sakura trees all around it.

This was how you could get Sakura in the game. If you found this article helpful, you can also check out how to make and use Fizzy crystal in Hello Kitty Island Adventure.