How To Make & Use Fizzy Crystal In Hello Kitty Island Adventure

Fizzy Crystal will help you create bubbly sodas in Hello Kitty Island Adventure.

Every Soda recipe requires Fizzy Crystal, but you also have to make it in Hello Kitty Island Adventure. It is not just some material that is obtained. Do not worry, we have a complete guide for you to make it. You will soon learn how to make these crystals along with how they can help improve your friendship with other characters in the process.

How to Make Fizzy Crystals in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

make fizzy crystal in hello kitty island adventure

Visit the Crystal Mines to get Fizzy Ore’s, in turn, to make Fizzy Crystals in Hello Kitty Island Adventure. You will find these ores in the mining sites at Gemstone Town. There are mines there with purple-looking crystals. The other location where you can find these crystals is the Red Hot Ruins. You have to enter the mines there to find them.

However, players end up visiting the mines after Pompompurin guides them there at friendship level 4. You have to help him fix his machine at the Crystal Caves and there you will be able to gather the Crystal Ore. Then you can proceed to Chococats Crafting Table to Make Fizzy Crystals from the Ore that you have collected. You will require six Crystals of Ore to make the crystals. The final product looks like purple crystal globes.

After that, these Fizzy Crystals can be used to make all kinds of Sodas. Furthermore, you can also use these crystals to empower the Dessert Machine at Pompompurin Dessert Boat Quest at Pompompurin Ice Cream Parlour. Fizzy crystals are also the energy source to back up the Dessert Machine constantly.

This was all on how to make and use Fizzy Crystal in Hello Kitty Island Adventure. If you found this article helpful you can also check out how to unlock Soda Machine and how to catch bugs in Hello Kitty Island Adventure.