How To Unlock Soda Machine In Hello Kitty Island Adventure

Craving some delicious Soda? This guide will help you unlock the Soda Machine in the Hello Kitty Island Adventure.

The process to unlock the Soda Machine in Hello Kitty Island Adventure will require some grinding. You have to complete some quests and get the Soda recipes. But it is all worth it as you will enjoy a variety of recipes in the game. Without wasting any more time, let’s get it.

How to Get Soda Machine in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

get soda machine in hello kitty island adventure

You can unlock the Soda Machine in Hello Kitty Island Adventure when you reach the Pompompurin’s Desert boat quest is the first step in the process. Once the quest is done, you will meet Keroppi. He will help you with the first Soda Recipe. You require the Soda Recipe equally as the machine.

Then you have to go to Gemstone Town and find Pekkle who will help you know more about the Soda Machine. This will further help you to unlock the Soda Machine. Keep your friendship going with Pekkle, as he will help you upgrade the machine. We have also listed the recipes below which might make things easier for you.

Soda Recipes

You have to add the Fizz Crystal to the following recipes along with the given ingredients –

  • Cream Soda: Coral Milk and  Fizz Crystal.
  • Sakura Soda: Sakura and Fizz Crystal.
  • Tropical Soda: Pineapple and Fizz Crystal.
  • Swampy Soda: Pumpkin/Spinip and Fizz Crystal.
  • Joke Soda: Tofu and Fizz Crystal.
  • Sweet Soda: Sugar Kelp/Swamp Mallow and Fizz Crystal.
  • Apple Soda: Apple and Fizz Crystal.
  • Strawberry Soda: Strawberry and Fizz Crystal.
  • Pochacco Energy Pop: Tofu, Spinip, and Fizz Crystal.
  • Pumpkin Spice Soda: Cinna Bloom, Pumpkin, and Fizz Crystal.
  • Pineapple Lava Soda: Pineapple, Magma Bloom, and Fizz Crystal.
  • Spinip Soda: Sipnip and Fizz Crystal.

That was all on how to unlock the Soda Machine. If you found this article helpful, you can also check out how to repair and use Ziplines and how to meet Retsuko in Hello Kitty Island Adventure.