How To Get Iron Ore & Craft Iron Ingot In Hello Kitty Island Adventure

With the help of Iron Ore, you can craft Iron Ingot in Hello Kitty Island Adventure. Let's look at how we can get it.

Hello Kitty Island Adventure is filled with resources and materials like Iron Ore to craft various items and you can get them with just the bare minimum effort. When you get Iron Ore it will be useful to craft Iron Ingot which in turn will be helpful to craft a Snorkel. The uses of it just don’t stop, which is why we need to obtain it as soon as possible. Here is how you can.

How to Get Iron Ore in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

how to find iron ore in hello kitty island adventure

Iron Ore can be found easily in Hello Kitty Island Adventure once you find Retsuko. After meeting with Retsuko in the Mount Hothead region, you can head to the northwest region of it. There you will find Iron Ore between rocks. You have to obtain at least three to five pieces of it as traveling to Mount Hothead is a task and you don’t want to keep visiting to get some more of it. So this was how you could get some Iron Ore on the island, lets’s look further at how we can put it to use.

How to Craft Iron Ingot in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

how to craft iron ingot

  1. To craft the Iron Ingot you have to collect three pieces of Iron Ore from Mount Hothead.
  2. Then you have to visit Gemstone Mountain to ride to the southeast cliff of the Mountain.
  3. You can do so by repairing the Zipline in the top left corner of Spooky Swamp using a spark.
  4. Find the location where Pekkle usually is in the Dance Hall.
  5. There you will receive the Iron Ingot Crafting Plan on a barrel.
  6. You can further go to Chococat’s Crafting Table and craft the Iron Ingot.
  7. This freshly crafted Iron Ingot can further be used to craft a Snorkel too.

This was all on how to get Iron Ore along with how to craft Iron Ingot in the game. If you found this article helpful, you can also check out how to swim and dive in Hello Kitty Island Adventure.