How To Craft A Snorkel In Hello Kitty Island Adventure

A Snorkel will help you scuba dive underwater in Hello Kitty Island Adventure, and this guide will help you get it.

Snorkel in Hello Kitty Island Adventure, just like reality is a tool that will help you scuba dive which is why it is necessary to learn how to craft it. There are a few missions and tasks to complete underwater and without it, you won’t be able to breathe or even dive underwater. Kuromi will lend you her Snorkel for a quest but you also have to craft it on your own as that is only temporary. Here is how you can get it.

How to Get a Snorkel in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

get a snorkel in hello kitty island adventure

In order to craft or get a Snorkel in Hello Kitty Island Adventure you have to increase your friendship with Kuromi. As she will give you the crafting plan for it. You can gift Kuromi the following things to increase friendship to level 6 for the plan –

She usually likes Fizzy items as you can see or Spooky and Autumnal items. Once you gift her the above-mentioned things and complete quests and tasks given by her, you can easily reach friendship level 6 with her. Then Kuromi will give you the Snorkel Crafting Plan. But before that, you will receive her very own Snorkel for the time being so that you complete the task of returning a locket dropped in the Deep Swamp.

After that you will require –

Gather these ingredients and go to Chococats Crafting Table. With the help of the crafting plan and the above-mentioned materials, you will be able to craft a Snorkel. So that’s how you get a Snorkel in the game. Furthermore, you can check out how to swim and scuba dive in Hello Kitty Island Adventure with the help of it.

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