How To Fix Valheim Console Commands Not Working Issue?

This article brings you the possible fixes for Valheim console commands not working problems.

Valheim – A brutal exploration and survival game” certainly lives up to its name, as pushing things in the game is not an easy feat. Therefore, to make things easier, Valheim console commands codes have proved to be a real blessing because it helps in conquering the daunting gameplay.

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However, since the last update, many players who use console commands codes in Valheim have reported that the codes are no longer working. Thankfully, this article provides the ultimate solution to it, so keep on reading until the end.

How To Fix Valheim Console Commands Code Not Working?

Console commands code in Valheim offers multiple benefits like banning other players, unlocking god mode, teleporting, free-flying, taming animals, spawning resources, and much more. Hence, it is natural for you to be disappointed when the time and effort saving console commands code in Valheim seems to be not working. Here’s what you can try to tackle the Valheim console commands code not working error.

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  • When you press F5 to activate the Valheim console make sure to enter the code “devcommands” (without quotes though) correctly without making any typing errors.

Note: Just yesterday the code was “imacheater” which ironically changed to “devcommands” today.

  • Do make sure you have entered the right commands again without any typos.
  • For the console commands code to function correctly, makes sure you are the server host or admin when playing online with your friends.
  • You may resort to set on the Valheim adventure in a solo mode. Since you can play solo in the offline world, the Valheim console commands code not working error usually don’t happen to arise.

Even after pursuing the above instructions the problem still exists then there must some possible reasons from the developers’ end:

  • Developers may have disallowed such cheating practice with the release of the latest version.
  • Since it’s an early access product there may persist certain console commands bugs.
  • Cheats may have been disabled on the dedicated servers.

However, these are just some speculations all we can do is wait for the Valheim console commands code not working issue to be fixed from the developers’ end (only if the problem occurs from their side).

Meanwhile, you can take extra help from our other guide Valheim Console Commands Code List & Guide.