All Valheim Cheats And Console Commands (2022)

With the help of Valheim Console Commands And Cheats you will be able to ban users, activate god mode, teleport, and much more.

Valheim drops players into a procedurally generated world inspired by Norse mythology where they must craft, build, sail and fight to survive, with PvE co-op available for up to 10 players. The game is described as “a brutal exploration and survival game” lives up to its name as progress does not come easy. With the help of Valheim Console Commands and Cheats, it becomes possible to get various benefits. These cheats and console commands in Valheim help you ban users, activate god mode, teleport, and much more.

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How To Use Cheats And Console Commands In Valheim

To use Valheim console commands on PC, you will need to follow few simple steps that we have given below:-

  1. Press F5, this will open up the console window
  2. enter any of the following codes and press Enter to activate them
  3. These cheats will only work if you type in “imacheater” inside the console
  4. Once you get “Cheats True” written it will mean that the cheats will work.

Valheim Cheats – 2022

Basic Commands

Here is a list of all the basic commands available for Valheim.

  • help – Show all available commands.
  • kick [name/ip/userID] – Kick the user.
  • ban [name/ip/userID] – Ban the user.
  • unban [ip/userID] – Unban the user.
  • banned – Shows a list of banned users.
  • ping – Send a ping to the server.
  • lodbias [number] – Set distance lodbias. By default 1.5
  • info – Print system info

Other Commands

Here is a list of all the other commands available for Valheim.

  • god – Enables god mode
  • pos – Print current player position
  • goto [x,z] – Teleport
  • hair
  • killall – Kill nearby enemies
  • exploremap – Explore the entire map
  • resetmap – Reset map exploration
  • tame – Tame all nearby tameable creatures
  • location – Spawn location
  • freefly – Freefly photo mode
  • ffsmooth – Freefly smoothness
  • event [name] – Start event
  • stopevent – Stop current event
  • raiseskill [skill] [amount] – Raises skill Lvl
  • resetcharacter – Reset character data
  • dpsdebug – Toggle DPS debug print
  • save – Force saving of the world
  • beard
  • removedrops – Remove all item drops in the area
  • resetwind – Reset wind
  • players [nr] – Force difficulty scale

You can even type in “help” without the quotation marks inside the console to get a list of all the console commands that you can use in Valheim. All the above cheats will be quite helpful for you to survive and reach the top position in the game. Since using such commands are wrong and unethical it’s best that you make use of these as a last resort. Also do enjoy the game to the fullest and keep following us for more such updates.

There are some Valheim players who have been having trouble using console commands in the game and if that’s you then look no further because we have discovered a solution to fix Valheim Console commands not working.