Valheim Graphics Settings : How To Fix Lag, Low FPS & Performance Issues

This article is intended to help you prevent lags, FPS drops, and other in-game problems. If you are one of the players facing such troubles and performance issues, then be certain to read till the end.

Valheim is an incredible title that popped out of nowhere. It’s gathering 150,000 active players daily. The game is an open-world online title, that players seem to enjoy every aspect of the game.

We all are aware that the game demands good hardware. It can function well in a dual-core system but it is strongly suggested to have at least an Intel Core i5 processor or equivalent for a seamless gaming experience.

That being said, Valheim is inefficient performance-wise. There are a couple of players enduring continuous lag and low FPS. You might assume that the game is quite light. But that’s not the situation. Yes, maybe the game doesn’t look that daunting, but it needs you to have a GTX 970.

Valheim Graphics Settings – For Seamless Gaming Experience

This suggests that getting a graphics card superior to GTX 970 will enable you to run a high FPS game, yeah? Unfortunately, this is not the truth. People with GPUs that are much better than the GTX 970 are still dealing with frequent stuttering and fps fall.

If you’re one of the gamers facing such issues, here’s Valheim Graphics Settings that will help you fix in-game problems.

Minimum PC System Requirements For Valheim

  • Needs a 64-bit processor and operating system.
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 4460 or over.
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 over or 1280×720 over the display.
  • OS: Windows 8.1/10 64bit.
  • DirectX: Version 11.
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM.
  • Storage: 1 GB available space.
  • Performance Guide For Valheim FPS Boosts.

If you’re irritated and annoyed by persistent in-game lags, FPS drops, Valheim performance inefficiency assuming it might have something to do with your PC, then don’t fret about it. Many players have reported the same difficulties. Let’s see what we can do to get these problems fixed.

Tweak CPU Settings

Shut down other programs (chiefly, CPU, and RAM heavy programs like web browsers).
Give Valheim High priority through the task manager.

  • Run Valheim Game.
  • Open Task Manager [CTRL+SHIFT+ESC].
  • Navigate to the “Details” tab.
  •  Right-click “Valheim.exe” on the list -> “Set priority” -> “High”.

Alter Valheim Graphic Card Settings

1. Optimize NVIDIA Graphic Card Settings

Before optimizing ensure your graphic card driver is updated. Graphic cards get a lot of performance boosts just by doing so.

  • Go to NVIDEA control panel>NVIDEA 3D Settings.
  • If you wish to extend these settings to all games, then opt for a global setting. Similarly, if you want to implement these to just Valheim, click on the program list and search for the game. If you can’t locate the game in the list, click the browser button, go to the installation directory of the game, and simply select the.exe file for it.
  • Switch the power management mode to performance mode for GPU to operate at a quick pace.
  • Post-processing sharpness hogs up your resources. To prevent this, turn off the Image
  • Sharpening mode.
  • Disable low-latency mode.
  • Activate Threaded optimization and G- Sync in case your monitor supports it.
  • Choose the performance mode option for texture filtering quality.
  • Set Display Mode to Single Display Mode as this benefit tremendously if you have a multi-monitor system that channels power into a single display.
  • Change the Max Pre-Rendered Frames value to 1. This will make sure that your GPU is functioning on the immediate next frame rather than attempting to process what’s ahead.

2. Optimize AMD Graphic Card Settings

If you use AMD graphic cards then you may modify the settings using AMD’s Radeon Control Panel utility.

  • Right-Click on vacant desktop space to open AMD’s Radeon Control Panel.
  • Choose a global graphic to change Valheim graphics settings.
  • When you are in, switch off all proprietary post-processing suggestions that AMD has allowed by default. They have Radeon Anti-Lag, Radeon Chill, and Radeon Boost.
  • Disable wait for the vertical refresh to enhance the performance. However, this may cause the screen to tear or despair.
  • Disallow Image Sharpening, Anisotropic Filtering, Maximum Tessellation Level, Frame Rate Target Control, and OpenGL Triple Buffering.
  • Switch on Surface Optimization Option.
  • Select graphic mode from GPU workload settings for the best performance.
  • Go to Texture Filtering Monitoring Option and select Performance Mode.
  • Lastly, set Tessellation and Shader Cache to AMD Optimized Mode for the powerful Valheim gaming experience.

Remove Junk Files

1. Deleting Desktop’s Empty Files

  • Open Run Box (Windows + L)
  • Type Prefetch.
  • Remove all Junk Files.

2. Run Disc Clean-Up

  • Go to Windows Search.
  • Type Disc Cleanup.
  • Open it.
  • Checkmark the available file categories.
  • Hit ok.

Powe Usage Maximization

If due to certain reasons you are not using BHP,

  • Go to the windows control panel.
  • Navigate to power –option.
  • Select High performance.
  • This enables PC to channel maximum power.

Game Shortcuts

If you have the game shortcut available on your desktop,

  • Right-click on it.
  • Select properties and the Compatibility tab.
  • Checkmark overrides high DPI scaling behavior.
  • Select Scaling performed by (Application) in the drop-down menu.
  • Checkmark Disable full-screen optimizations.
  • Checkmark Run this program as an administrator.

Update Video Card Drivers

  • Press Windows + R.
  • Type “DxDiag”.
  • Hit Ok.
  • Choose the display tab.
  • The video card’s name and manufacturer are mentioned in the Device section. The driver version is displayed in the Driver section.
  • Visit the website of the driver manufacturer to get the latest driver. For that contact the manufacturer for assistance and if your desktop is under warranty period then contact the computer manufacturer.

That’s all folks! You are now ready to enjoy an uninterrupted Valheim gaming experience.