How To Get The Fortnite Valentine Day Event 2022 Rewards?

Wondering how to get the Fortnite Valentine 2022 Rewards? Then this article will help you.

Fortnite is a quite prominent free-to-play video game laid down in a post-apocalyptic, zombie-infested universe. Fortnite has been a massive hit, even when the structure of the game is not truly distinctive as there are a plethora of shooter-titles in the industry.

However, its interactive elements and events set it apart from its peers. The most loved thing about this royal battle shooter title is its valentine event. As the big day is not much far, fans are waiting for the creators to drop an announcement revealing the event day.

Much like others, you must be thinking about how to get Fortnite Valentine 2022 Rewards? Just keep scrolling to get your hands on the rewards.

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Fortnite Valentine Day Event 2022 Rewards

Even though there is no confirmation yet, there have been a couple of clues and spills here and there about what players might anticipate. Two new NPCs, 43 and 44, debuted with the latest update who may be dubbed Cuddle King and Lovely.

The direct clue is the leaked Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 5, Week 11 Challenges, based completely on the Valentine’s Day theme. Its last challenge of the 11th week demands to search for a valentine for Lovely.

A couple of sprays and emotes have been released in the video above, and also the information that there’ll be TWO Fortnite Valentine’s Day event this year. One of them may be connected to Fortnite’s Creative Mode. With the forthcoming 15.40 update, more details are expected to be spilled through the streams on more cosmetic products and the event.

How To Get Fortnite Valentine 2022 Rewards?

As stated earlier, there is no news on the release date but a few leaks and hints suggest that with the forthcoming Fortnite 15.40 update, players will be able to engage in two suspected Valentine’s Day events in 2022.

Constantly check GamesAdda for fresh Fortnite 2022 Valentine Rewards details. More specifics concerning the event will be posted quickly.

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