FGO Valentine’s Day Event 2021: Caren C Hortensia Features As New Ruler Class Servant

Valentine's Day event to start on JP server on February 10th and [Fate/Grand Order] FGO Caren C Hortensia featured as New Ruler Class Servant.

For those who have been wandering the backstory and who was featured in the first Summon Banner. Then let us inform you guys that Valentine’s Day event is all set to start on the JP server on February 10th, 2021and has featured FGO Caren C Hortensia As New Ruler Class Servant. To our surprise, she is being featured as the newest Servant to join the game way before her dad.

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[Fate/Grand Order] FGO Caren C Hortensia Backstory

FGO Caren Begning Story

While some are well aware of her and are quite excited about the news. Let’s give you guys who do not know about here a small introduction. You will get an idea of who FGO Caren C Hortensia is and about her story. She was first seen in Fate/Hollow and is the daughter of Kirei Kotomine and Claudia Hortensia.

FGO Caren C Hortensia

The story is quite sad since she lost her terminally ill mother who gave her own life to get her dad Kirei to give up on his sadistic personality. While this was supposed to change him it backfired instead he went on to abandon all his human emotions and started a life where he wanted to see others suffer.

Impact Of Kirei On Caren C Hortensia

Caren C Hortensia since then lived a life abandoned by her dad alone with her grandmother who raised her. As she grew she joined the church dues to her ability in detecting demons. Her childhood trauma and her Sadistic dad’s influence in her childhood was a huge impact on her. She developed the same abilities that of her father and ended up making harsh remarks about certain people and also derives from pleasure by seeing them suffer. While this is true she also has a good side to her where she can love others to a point where she would help them with their problems as difficult as it may be.

What Happens In The Events Of Hollow Ataraxia

Later when the events of Hollow Ataraxia were unfolding Caren C Hortensia was sent as a replacement for Kirei. Due to his sudden and mysterious death, she had to go as the mediator for the Grail War. She also appeared in Prisma Illya and was still a member of the church.

FGO Caren C Hortensia

The incarnation this time was very much closer to Kirei. As she decides to work undercover as a nurse in Illya’s school. Just so she could see children suffer she decided to stay there and says a few twisted words to children. Let’s see what will happen to this amazing addition in the Valentine’s Day event on February 10, 2021.