Valheim Split Stack Guide – Managing Valheim Inventory

Organize your items efficiently with the limited space available through this Valheim split stack guide.

It’s possible to catch yourself juggling with so many Viking Survival items. From resources to currency to foodstuffs, there is a multitude of things to be adjusted to your inventory. You keep accumulating them with each passing day and as a result weight holding capacity also increases. It gets very troublesome as you only have small inventory space available and can accommodate only 300 weights unless you increase your capacity by talking to the trader Haldor.

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Trust me, 300 capacities would barely allow you to carry anything because large quantities of metal and wood can be fairly heavy. The worst-case situation is when you get your hands on Copper’s vein only to toss it away into the forest because of the already filled inventory.

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There is, however, one lesser-known essential function in Valheim that can help you with this matter. It’s a split-stack game feature that helps you to divide your storage space in whatever proportion you want. Since the game doesn’t inform about these possible sanctions, many players just like you are unfamiliar with this feature. Well, we’re at your service with our Valheim split stack guide, which will tell you how to handle your inventory.

Valheim Split Stack Guide

When you’re wandering through the mysterious lands of Valheim, stuck choosing what to carry and what to leave behind or do not require all the things in your stack, you can simply divide them up. Let’s see how it is.

To separate the item stacks follow the below instruction:

Step 1: Open the in-game inventory.

Step 2: Hold Shift and click the stack. This will pop-up the split-screen menu.

Step 3: For the desired amount shift slider from left to right i.e. from minimum quantity to maximum quantity.

Step 4: Select an empty slot.

Step 5: Drop the stack you just split.

This is how you can split the inventory in Valheim. Hope this Valheim split stack inventory helps you in organizing your in-game stuff.