­­­­­­Valheim Iron Locations: Mine Iron To Smelt Weapons

Read the guide for the iron whereabouts in Valheim as well as how to build advanced iron weapons and tools.

Iron plays a key role in this Viking-inspired Valheim adventure if you want to withstand the brutality of the game. It empowers you to develop the highly destructive weapons arsenals and other tools that will make your trip a little more tolerable and simple.

Unfortunately, you are not likely to fetch a ready-made iron bar instead you will require doing a lot of legwork and also encounter many challenges along the way to spot the iron locations in Valheim.

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Even when you get your hands on the iron, you have to make a conscious effort to mine and smelt it before you devise resilient weapons and armor. So, without further ado, allow me to get started with the Valheim Iron Location Guide and make sure to stay put until the end.

Valheim Iron Locations

Locating iron ore in Valheim is of no use if you don’t have Antler Picaxe or Bronze Picaxe to mine it. Hence, the first thing you have to do is make sure you have access to either of the one Picaxe if you don’t want your efforts to go in vain.

You can spot the iron deposits in the swamps. Grab the Picaxe, locate the Swamp closer to you on the Valheim map, and make your way to it. Once you reach the swamp, you look for scrap iron at two places,

In the chests – Chests are found in the Sunken Crypts i.e. the dungeons of the swamp.

By mining Muddy Scrap Piles – You can search for Muddy Scraps Piles either in the doorways of the Sunken Crypts or buried underneath any ground fields of Swamp.

Note: You can locate the buried Muddy Scrap Piles by taking the help of the Wishbone.

Smelting Iron Process

Sunken Crypts are incredibly dangerous, and you could lose your life if you’re not constantly on your toes. Therefore if you survive amidst gathering enough iron scrap, then kudos to you buddy, you’ve successfully completed the rocky part of the journey.
After collecting iron scraps, the next part is to scrap them in the ingots using the smelter (stone x20 and surtling core x5).

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Now to smelt the scrap iron, you will need to fuel the smelter with two chunks of coal for each iron scrap you desire to smelt. Also, each iron scrap gets you a single iron piece upon smelting.

Forging Iron Weapons And Tools

The final section of the guide is to build your strong survival kit featuring iron weapons, tools, shields, and armor. Make wise use of iron to craft weapons since these are not easily obtainable.

List Of Iron Survival Tools In Valheim

Iron Armor & Shields

  • Iron Helmet
  • Iron Scale Mail
  • Iron Greaves
  • Banded Shield
  • Iron Tower Shield

Iron Weapons & Tools

  • Iron Axe
  • Iron Pickaxe
  • Iron Atgeir
  • Iron Sword
  • Iron Longsword
  • Battleaxe
  • Iron Mace
  • Huntsman Bow
  • Ironhead Arrow

Iron Structures

  • Stonecutter
  • Smith’s Anvil
  • Forge Tool rack
  • Reinforced Chest
  • Private Chest
  • Iron Gate
  • Standing Iron Torch
  • Wood Iron Pole
  • Wood Iron Beam

Misc Iron Recipes

  • Iron Nails

Note: As far as I observe, you, often quite randomly cannot create Iron Chains. Perhaps, you can find these Chains in the Sunken Crypt chests, or you must extract them from the buried Wraiths.

That’s the end! You can now make your own weapon arsenal using iron scraps in Valheim.