Valheim: How To Tame Wolves & Make Them Follow You

Here's how to tame wolves and make them follow you in Valheim.

Valheim, influenced by Viking lore, is a deadly game of discovery and survival featuring basic sandbox gameplay. You must fight, create and dominate your journey to a tale befitting Odin’s supremacy.

You can establish a powerful kingship and ship around the ocean to discover distant lands but you have to be mindful of sailing too far. When you wander through the frozen lands of Valheim, you are destined to encounter violent wolves in packs.

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The Valheim wolves are damn too aggressive and tough to fight. You always have to keep your guards up to counteract their quick assaults. However, you can domesticate them and make them your best companions.

You must be wondering how to do that. Don’t worry we will give you a rundown on how to tame wolf in Valheim? Where to find them? How to make them follow you? And why they are the best companions.

Where To Find Wolves In Valheim?

Before jumping directly on how to tame wolves in Valheim you must know where to locate them in the game especially when you are a newbie. You can spot the wolves in the mountain biome however they can also be found roaming out of their territory. You can easily hear them nearing just by their signature call.

How To Tame Wolf In Valheim?

Wolves are extremely fast to strike so you have to be mindful to forcibly battle out with them since escaping them is normally out of the question. Those who are courageous enough to tame the corner the ones you need to obey you.

Comprehend the below key points to tame your wolf fairly quickly and hassle-free.

  • The very first process is to build a cage. Since wolves are much stronger and lethal make sure your cage is solid enough to hold them inside.
  • This wolf-holding cage should be created using wooden stake halls as opposed to walls.
  • After preparing the cage, place a door on it for your character to easily enter in and out.
  • Now, build the stairs outside across the cage.
  • Further, make sure the cage has a platform high enough for you to easily toss the food but impossible for the wolf to escape.
  • Next, make a trip to a mountain biome and make them chase you.
  • Once you see them chasing you run back to the holding cage, climb onto the platform and lure them inside the cage.
  • Now that they are inside seal the gap using another stake wall preventing them from escaping the cage.
  • Finally, stand atop of the platform and keep throwing raw meat chunks inside the cage.
  • After continuously feeding them the copious amount of meat, the taming bar will hit 100%, yellow hearts will start hovering over their head indicating they have become docile and you have successfully tamed the wolf.

That’s how to tame wolf in Valheim. Now, that you have domesticated the wolf let’s see how to make them follow you.

How To Make Wolf Follow You?

Do you know you can have your loyal hunting pack of up to 4 wolves in Valheim once they are tamed? Tamed wolves can start to follow you the moment you hit the key E. To make them wait or stop following you for a while you again have to push the key E and they’ll stay put.

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Why Are They Best Companions?

No matter you are novices or an ardent Viking gamer, surviving the game can prove to be highly challenging. During such situations, your pet wolves can come in handy making your survival process a tad bit easier.

Even though the game allows you to go on a rampant with up to other 9 additional players it may happen your mates are unavailable leaving you alone in the cruel Viking world or you just simply dared to play solo, pet wolves prove to be extremely beneficial particularly at the start when you haven’t yet unlocked the finest weapons and tools.

That’s all folks! Do not forget to check other Valheim guide.