Valheim: How To Farm & Plant Berries

Can you plant, grow and farm berries by using a cultivator in Valheim.

Valheim — which was released on February 2, 2021 — has finally overtaken Nioh 2 and Football Manager 2021 and become Steam’s top seller. Since the popularity of Valheim is constantly growing, there are tons of players asking a lot of questions related to the game.

The survival game might allow players to craft, build, sail and fight to survive but players are wondering ‘Can they farm Berries in Valheim?‘. If you too have the same question in your mind and looking for a satisfactory answer then keep reading this guide.

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Valheim: Can You Farm Berries By Using Cultivator?

No, there is no option to plant berries on your farm in Valheim. Regardless of whether you have a cultivator or not, you would not be able to plant berries in the game. It can only be collected from the wild.

There are multiple foods such as Carrot that can be planted and farmed in Valheim, but the game does not allow you to farm or plant your own berries or Mushroom.

For the unversed, Cultivator is a farming tool, which is used to covert the normal land into farmable land.

Valheim: How to Get More Berries?

To obtain berries in Valheim, you will have to build a base first. Notably, the base should be close to berry patches. While exploring the wide map of Valheim, you will come across multiple berry patches, so it would be a lot easier to spot them if you mark locations in your map.

For the uninformed,  there are three types of berries in Valheim — Blueberry, Cloudberry and Raspberry.

That’s basically all you need to know about how to plant and farm your own berries in Valheim. While you are, you might want to read about where is the Black Forest located and how to put trophies on the Wall in Valheim.