How To Put Trophies On The Wall In Valheim?

Mount your dominance on the wall of Viking Longhouse with the help of this easy guide. Keep scrolling for How To Put Trophies On The Wall In Valheim?

When you start your adventure in Valheim, you will confront multiple kinds of creatures, some more deadly than the others. But all monsters have one common thread, and that’s their tendency to drop trophies. What best way to celebrate your supremacy than exhibiting the trophy on the Viking Longhouse wall? We’ll show you the correct way to flaunt your trophies but before that let’s understand the significance of trophies in Valheim.

Valheim Trophy Brief Synopsis

The monsters and creatures you encounter in Valheim, drop the trophies after you kill them. These trophies are huge, and several of them can be used to craft recipes, like deer trophies for the Stagbreaker hammer. You might also want to utilize them to command bosses. Since Valheim spotlights you acting as a Viking, striving to justify themselves to Odin to visit Valhalla. Besides as discussed in the intro, you can demonstrate these trophies on the Viking Longhouse wall. So without any further ado will leap to the guide – how to put trophies on the wall in Valheim?

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How To Put Trophies On The Wall In Valheim?

Mounting trophies on your wall isn’t something you can do right away as soon as you start playing the game. It definitely takes some advancement in the game, and you’re supposed to strike a level where you can craft bronze. You need to play for a longer duration and concentrate on workbench up-gradation, forge construction, and smelting several copper and tin. When you’ve made progress, you are allowed to proceed with mounting trophies on the wall thereby showing off your dominance.

Materials Needed To Put Trophies On the Wall In Valheim

To exhibit your trophies on the walls of Valheim you will need to craft certain items. These resources include,

  1. 1 Bronze Nails
  2. 4 Fine Wood
  3. Workbench

How to craft them? This is explained below.

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Crafting The Valheim ResourcesHow-To-Put-Trophies-On-The-Wall-In-Valheim

  • The bronze nails are crafted at the Forge and need only one bronze bar, which can be crafted using 2 bronze bars and 1 Tin bar. Upon creating the first bunch of bronze nails, you’re likely to unlock a couple of new recipes. A few of these latest recipes are entitled the Item Stand.How-To-Put-Trophies-On-The-Wall-In-Valheim
  • You can locate the Item Stand underneath the Furniture category of the crafting menu once you whip out your hammer. Position the Item Stand somewhere on the wall of your choice, provided you have the right materials.
  • You can now equip any trophy to your action bar (numbers 1 through 8). Swap to the Item Stand and hit the relevant digit to place the trophy on the Item Stand.How-To-Put-Trophies-On-The-Wall-In-Valheim
  • Tada! You’ll notice your trophy dangling from the wall or anywhere you’ve positioned your Item Stand.

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Even though It’s an easy method, it can be tricky to work out at first. We hope how to put trophies on the wall in Valheim guide has rendered the process much simpler for you.