Rainbow Friends Morphs Codes For May 2024

Looking for more Morphs? Redeem these Rainbow Friends Morphs codes.

Rainbow Friends Morphs codes let you redeem exclusive and difficult Morphs and Boxes. Since there are over 750 Morphs and Boxes, collecting all of them takes a lot of time, however, it is fun to wear those skins and explore the chapters for more. You can change anytime and switch to scare your friends, play a game of chase with your monstrous new form, or simply hang out at locations like Castle.

The game is based on the original Rainbow Friends, so you will find many of your favorite characters in a strange and often unique look. The new ones are regularly added with the updates, which often bring codes too. Thus, you should first redeem these and then save for more.

Note: Last checked for new codes on May 08, 2024.

All Rainbow Friends Morphs Codes 2024

All Rainbow Friends Morphs Codes
Screenshot by Games Adda

Redeem these for free Morphs and Boxes:

  • dogdaynightmare – Redeem this code for Nightmare DogDay Cyan
  • 2024comeback – Redeem this code for Gold Orange
  • 150mvisits – Redeem this code for Titan Speaker Cyan
  • 100mvisits – Redeem this code for Rainbow Firework Yellow
  • 500kviews – Redeem this code for a free reward
  • 50klikes – Redeem this code for a free reward
  • subs1kfriends  – Redeem this code for Fazbear Purple
  • banban50kviews – Redeem this code for Jumbo Josh Green
  • doors100kviews – Redeem this code for A-60 Pink
  • redrubydasleeze – Redeem this code for Floral Green
  • 10millionplayers – Redeem this code for Devil Purple
  • 200kviews – Redeem this code for Black Jeff
  • redlightstop – Redeem this code for Traffic Light Blue
  • barbiabirthday – Redeem this code for Black Blue
  • easter2023 – Redeem this code for Phoenix Green
  • aloneoutnow – Redeem this code for Eric Purple

How to Redeem Rainbow Friends Morphs Codes

You can redeem the codes and get rewards by following these steps:

  1. Open the game and let it load.

    Redeem Rainbow Friends Morphs Codes
    Screenshot by Games Adda
  2. At your spawn location look for the Shop(hut). Walk inside the glowing circle surrounding the Shop.
  3. Select Codes from the Shop tab.

    Roblox Rainbow Friends Morphs Codes
    Screenshot by Games Adda
  4. In the ‘enter code’ textbox paste the above working code and hit Redeem.
  5. As long as it’s active a successfully redeemed message will show inside the textbox.

Where to Find More Codes?

If you are looking for updates, then the first place to search is the game’s official Discord and YouTube. The videos uploaded on the channel are usually trailers of the upcoming Morphs and codes with the redemption method. As for the server, you will find all the information about the RFM there, as well as get to interact with other players. Still, if you do not prefer joining and following social handles, simply bookmark this, as will keep it updated.

That’s all on Rainbow Friends Morphs codes and redemption steps. To find more topics like this, make sure to check out our Roblox section and then try these: